Hello this is Stewart I’m now making the
third video in the series here. This is a
house in Magnolia that I have thatched, aerated, seeded and fertilized. Today is October 4th and September was very warm about 70 degrees and it
rained a lot So the client this year did not have to
water a whole heck of a lot and this is of course using a 50 percent
slow release fertilizer 70/30 grass seed mix This has came back beautifully and this has been over a month now since
I’ve been on this property Here’s a parking strip It’s a windy day here; I’m on the bluff
in Magnolia I can’t I don’t know if you can tell this
or not. But Fall time this just works like a champ course we needed three things: We need temperature we need moisture and seed the soil contact in all three of these were provided so
this has worked very very well And this is a good representation of my work. Like I say this works very
very well in the Fall. Thank you bye bye