Good day ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to a new vlog and I’m making a farming video…. …instead of fixing broken stuff, and I’m cultivating right now. And cultivating is the same as harrowing the machine looks like this, and you’ll see it better in a minute Why do I do this? As you can see there’s a lot af grass here wich I want to destroy I sow that grass after the corn harvest, which is also mandatory here in the Netherlands That because the grass grows off the minerals the corn didn’t use As you can see, the grass did well… There are some ruts here…man!! But I’m going sow corn here again, no grass. That’s why I cultivate the ground And we’re going to inject liquid manure this week, I’m probably going to film that too Well, this is my view tonight, because it’s evening I’m going 12.1 KpH, gear 11 on this tractor It’s going really well… Here at the back we also have some ruts… That’s what you get when you want to do some work when the soil is to wet. They aren’t very deep, but it’s everything except comfortable I hope you liked this video. I’m going to finish the field If you haven’t subscribed yet, then hit that subcribe button, or the little round picture with the cows in it… And when you’re at it then also click on the tumbs up button and don’t forget the little bell because then you get a little bleep when upload a video Thanks for watching