hi everyone well I want to plant some
veggies in this space today but as you can see it’s a really small space so I
want to maximize the space and grow vertically so today we’re gonna install
a super sturdy trellis that’s gonna be about six feet high it’s really easy to
install very inexpensive I’m gonna plant some
cucumbers right here but it’s also sturdy enough to plant some compact
water watermelon butternut squash or any other heavier vegetables that you might
want to plant now I’ve already prepped the area for planting just install the
drip irrigation all we have to do now is put in the trellis and plant some
veggies for a trellis today we’re using a piece of a cattle panel the piece
we’re using here is six feet by four feet now cattle panels typically come in
a length that’s 16 feet long four feet across
they’re so sturdy this is a 4 gauge wire so it’s going to be definitely sturdy
enough to hold up heavier vegetables for future plantings in this space now we
cut this already to size for a project we did last summer and we just cut it
with a hacksaw and a lot of you asked me where you can get cattle panels this one
we happen to find at a Lowe’s near us you definitely want to check online
before you drive to a Lowe’s not all of them have them a lot of tractor supplies
carry them as well so if you have one of those stores near you you might be in
good luck I’m just going to eyeball where I’m going to pound the posts in
and Mark my spot with a little wood chip move this out of the way so I get these
post pounded in so to support our cattle panel we want to use a nice heavy stake
so we have this laying around the yard here and I’m just going to put it here
where my mark is and pound it in about about six inches deep so that’s nice and
sturdy and holds up our cattle okay we’ve got the posts all pounded
into place I’ll just set the cattle panel down here in the garden bed and
then wire them to the posts attach the cattle panel to the post with some wire
here pretty basic pretty simple just to wrap it around give it a couple twists and snip it off trellis is in let’s get
some plants in so I’m planting both some cucumber seedlings and some cucumber
seeds I’d like to plant cucumbers at different
stages so that I have harvest all season long so I’ve got some little seedlings
here these are Boston pickling cucumbers a really nice fresh tasty cucumber and
then we’re also gonna plant some market more seeds so I’ve dug my little hole
here and I’m also going to throw in some vermis Terra worm castings into the
planting hole get these babies off to a great start yeah it’s gonna be so much
fun to have fresh tasty cucumbers and cucumbers around those vegetables that
you can really plan – all season long definitely not too late to get some
started because they grow so fast or these are gonna be we’ll be harvesting
these probably in about a month or so so I’ve got one seedling at the end we’ll
do one seedling in the middle when seedling at the other end and then we’re
gonna plant some seeds in between now the soilless garden bed is nice and
loose it’s gonna drain really well cucumbers like a lot of organic matter
so we’ve added some compost into this entire garden bed some of the good dirt
soil conditioner the soil looks absolutely beautiful and then a handful
of worm castings into each planting hole so it’ll really help these cucumbers get
out to a great start and grow really nicely here and this garden bed here it
does get a little bit of afternoon shade which cucumbers really really like the
summers here gets so hot and sometimes those hundred-degree afternoons are just
a little bit too much for them so we’ve got our seedlings in it’s gonna be so
fun to see these cucumbers grow up over this trellis so let’s get our seeds into
now cucumbers are a warm weather vegetable and they do really well direct
seeded in the garden when your temperatures are above 60 degrees so I’m
planning today the market more cucumbers from the spring garden seed collection
and I’m gonna drop them about every 6 inches here right along the garden bed
they can be planted closely together and they’re gonna do just fine just drop
them in the soil here about every 6 inches and the holes in the cattle panel
are 6 inches wide so it’s just perfect you can see with the seedlings here
there’s two in each hole that’s just fine cucumbers do fine plan a close
together can really pack a lot in here and maximize our space by planting them
closely and also by growing vertically so I’m just going to sprinkle a little
handful of soil here over the seeds and as long as the weather stays warm the
seed should sprout in about 5 to 7 days it’s always so much fun to see those
little seedlings poke through the soil really like to plant cucumbers whether
it’s seeds or seedlings about once a month throughout the growing season that
way I have harvest all season long so let’s go ahead and water these seedlings
in I’m gonna water with the vermis tear worm tea gives the good beneficial
bacteria and microbes to the plants and also with a good herb plant food
which is high in nitrogen so it really provides the nice leafy growth for the
plants to get off to a good start and I’m gonna plant something else here in
the front of the garden bed I’m not sure yet I’m thinking some lower plants like
maybe some herbs maybe some greens and then I always like to edge the front of
the garden bed here with some flowers so it’s gonna look really pretty it’s going
to add a lot of nice structure and texture here in this garden bed and to
the hill well this was very easy to install super sturdy to remember
vertical is always a great option to maximize the amount of vegetables you
grow in a small space comment below let me know if you’re gonna build a super
sturdy trellis like this one or what your favorite type of trellis is to use
in your garden and head to my website pick up some seeds if you want to grow
yourself some cucumbers as well it’s gonna be so much fun to see this trellis
filling thanks so much for watching we’ll see on the next video