In this video I will talk about an animal
very special to which many people they fear but that doesn’t really exist
Any reason for this. I mean the extraordinary yet infamous mantis
religious. This animal has always aroused great curiosity but at
Very scary time. In many countries you presents the praying mantis as a
poisonous and dangerous bug but in Reality is the opposite. Before
be afraid thinking it’s a born predator and that can bite us or
even bite the main thing and more important, to make it clear, is
which is not a poisonous insect, we are not they can do no harm the mantis
religious is harmless and also beneficial for us since it
feeds on other insects much more annoying We must put that myth aside
so ridiculous that some love us Make believe.
Let’s get in full with your characteristics so peculiar that it has.
It is called praying mantis by the peculiar position of its long
front limbs, folded and together, making it look
They are really praying. To this Nice little animal, he is also known
by different names in different cities, such as death or rocking horse
Devil. These terms that grant the mantis do nothing but feed the
false negative reputation as an animal very dangerous. Luckily to this almost
infallible predator also grant less gloomy names like “Santa Teresa” The triangular shape of his head, which
found at the end of a thorax elongated that performs the function of neck,
Allows you to rotate up to 180 degrees. A) Yes You can watch almost everything around you.
In the upper part of the chest they have the ear. I said heard, in singular and not
plural ears, because the mantis only They have an ear. Praying mantises are not deaf,
although they are the only animals acquaintances who hear through a single
ear canal They only have one ear that also they don’t have it located in the head,
but in the thorax. It is composed of one auditory cavity with very walls
complex containing organs tympanic The membrane that constitutes the
eardrum, covers several air sacs closed forming a kind of
drums When the vibrations hit the surface of these bags, the
sensory cells arranged to your around, they capture the stimuli and the
They transmit to the nervous system. The mantis react quickly to
ultrasound pulses and even change Your flight path for your cause.
This ability allows them to escape from potential predators, such as
Bats The mantis have five eyes. Two compounds located one on each side
and between these two has three other eyes simple. A good vision is very
important for your hunter habits. Very frequently, mantis present
colors very similar to the vegetation in the one they live, which allows them
camouflage themselves from their predators and by at the same time, they facilitate catches of
Your own prey. When an insect gets he poses near her, watches him turn the
head, with turns that sometimes exceed 180 degrees and an attack response
immediate. If the dam remains still, the mantis starts swinging movements
to determine its distance. East movement makes the goal be
move on the bottom at a speed, that depending on the distance at which
the object is found, the mantis is will balance faster if it is close and
slower if it is far from that information can determine your
exact position. For this reason, when a mantis moves towards an object,
often stops to perform these precise balancing movements
To control your approach. The forelimbs are lethal.
They are provided with thorns so that the Dams do not escape.
They are solitary animals that do not depend of any other individual. During the
breeding season, females they secrete pheromones and if there is more than one
male for a single female fight, until a single male stays with
she. The intercourse begins with the male surrounding the female, until she jumps
on her to connect her antennas, then penetrate and inseminate
With the spermatophore. Continually, although mainly in autumn, the
females lay large numbers of eggs, between 200 and 300, in small bags
glued to the branches. The female manufactures a special foam that you will use to put
The eggs inside. This foam will harden and so the eggs will be protected.
They will hatch in spring and the small mantis, with a tiny size
but exactly like their parents, that is to say with the same
Features but mini size. The eggs that take longer to break will serve
of food for his older brothers. As soon as you leave the ooteca, you start to
Feed with your victims immediately. The main foods of the mantis
They are usually moths, crickets, flies or grasshopper, among many others. Even though
as we all know, sometimes, they also eat those of their own
species. During the first year, they move in six times before moving on to the phase
as an adult What is that to move ?, not that they change their home, although that is
It may seem. It’s about breaking off of the old skin, while being suspended from
a branch. They are usually green or brown, although the definitive color
determines the habitat in which it performs his last molt, that is, before
become an adult, what Become camouflage experts. But
there are exceptions because there are also exceptions White or black like cockroaches.
As you know, it is an animal especially sadistic, not only for his
physical, which apparently seems to be Plotting something,
but also for how cruel they can to become the females, that of captain
to the just male at the time of the act sexual. There are many theories about the causes
that lead them to commit such an act heinous, although according to a recent study,
it seems that not all species of Mantis behave the same. All for
The good of his offspring. The sexual cannibalism is not a custom
generalized in all mantis religious, then, in fact, in many cases
both partners end the sexual encounters with all parties
of the body in its places. However yes which is true that approximately 13
to 28 percent of these relationships, the thing ends with the female eating at
male. One of the most arguments likely lies in the fact that
the female eats the male, makes this receive extra protein content from
energy that helps you put a higher number of eggs, contributing with it
to the development of a greater progeny. Without However, the hypothesis has its gaps,
since the mating period of these animals coincide with summer,
a time when dams they are not scarce, so they would not have
what to see in the obligation to eat at male. According to a group of scientists from
The State University of New York, it could be that simply the
cannibalism of the praying mantis have The goal of feeding the progeny.
To check if they were correct, these researchers fed a
group of males with crickets whose amino acids, protein components,
They had been marked with radioactivity. Then they put them in touch
with the females so that they will mate, checking that about half
of them ended up between the jaws of his companions, who later went
analyzed for radioactivity. And that’s where they found the key to
everything, because they found no sign of radioactivity in females, but in
the eggs, so it was intuited that they had not absorbed the
amino acids but had used them for the development of their young.
In this way, we could say that the mantis cannibalism, is something like that
as the search for support by part of the father so he doesn’t know
disregard of their young, that for something They are also yours. Still quite
creepy but after all the end with which they do it is for a cause
more or less noble. Maybe the mantis they have a little humanity, or
insecticide or as it is said. If you liked the video, please give it a thumb
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