This is farmer Bill. “Hi i’m farmer Bill.” Lately, farmer Bill’s stand has not been effective. One day farmer Bill had an idea to make a factory. And so, farmer Bill made a manure factory. Yes, that is the actual size of the manure factory. “Now all my invisible customers have lined up for food!” “We don’t just have bag-O-manure!” “We have Poutine!” “And, shiitake mushrooms!” “If you call this number right here… nothing will happen!” “So come down to the manure factory, and make your dreams come true!” “And if your manure isn’t fresh… *Life flashs before eyes* It’s free!” “So!” “Eh.” “Come down to the manure factory!” “If my name isn’t Bill Has Diarrhea!” This following commercial was not made to offend anyone with the name Bill. Thank you.