Nice. What do you think, dude? Good. Good? Um hmm. How’s it smell? Good. Smells Good? What is this stuff Theo? I dunno. Is it cow poop? Ya. Theo, where’d we get this stuff? Grandpa. From Grandpa? Ya. My dad and my brother in law have a lot of
cows and they just scrape up all the cow poop over time and make a big pile, and this morning
we went out and my dad got me a scoop full. My plan is to experiment with it on the yard. See what happens. This is 100% ungraded unsifted untreated un-week
killed un-seed killed cow manure. It’s a little bit wet so it’s not going to
be the easiest thing to put down on my lawn, but we’ll give it a shot. I’m willing to experiment. So while it’s not treated I’m thinking I’ll
probably end up growing some weeds out of this stuff. The price was right. It’s free. Shout out to all the cows that gave us this
stuff. Thanks, ladies. I have no idea what the nutrient profile of
this stuff is. I’m thinking about getting a soil test, putting
some of it in there and sending it off. We’ll see if I actually get around to that. Mostly, today I just want to throw it down
and experiment with it because if this has anywhere close to the same result as normal
fertilizer, I’m all in, cuz it’s free. Dadda I want up now. So the plan is to throw it down today. I’ll update you with the results after a few
weeks or something. I also know somebody who has chicken litter
so if you know anything about chicken litter let me know. But ya, post in the comments if you know anything
about, i guess, cow manure, chicken manure. Give me some help here. Well should we get to work Theo? Ya. Let’s go! Let’s go Let’s go Let’s go Let’s go Here’s our test strip. We’re just going to do a kind of wide path
down here, sort of a rectangle. See what happens. Hey Theo, if this little experiment works
out, we’re going to be rolling in it. We’ll be able to box this stuff up and sell
it. We’re going to be entre- Manures. Now that’s what I call a load of crap. Sorry, I know, it had to be said. I picked a spot that also needs some leveling
so as this kind of gets pulverized, I can spread it out. It’s pretty wet right now anyway so for the
next few days as it dries out, I’ll have to keep raking it, making it fall down in there
and break it up into littler pieces. Picking up some rocks. So again, I have no idea what the nutrient
profile of this stuff is. It’s just 100% cow manure. Organic. Whatever you want to call it. So if anybody starts asking me about the N,
P and K values in the comments … ugh. I know, this could be a huge mistake. Mainly because of all the weeds I might have
after doing all this. But at least it’s on my lawn and not yours. After all, I’m here for your entertainment. Well there you have it. Manure experiment spring 2019. So as this stuff dries out I’m going to have
to knock it down, break it up and spread it out over time so that patch will maybe get
a little bit bigger. But I’ll keep you posted on all that. We’ll get to see how it’s going to affect
the green up and see if it has any long lasting effect into the summer. I’m already starting to wonder if doing this
in the middle of the summer would be any different. So we might have to do a round 2. And then if I learn more about how the weeds
are going to grow or if I can do some kind of herbicide or seed killer, maybe it will
be a little bit more organized next time. But this should be fun! That’s stinky. Ya.