It’s a wonderful feeling to be able
to preserve something for generations and hopefully being able to pass it on. You can see every day what you have done,
just like now When you walk along the field
you see what you are planting, it is simply magnificent. Ever since I was a small boy
I always said ´I want to become a farmer, just like dad and granddad´. This is really my thing
and I enjoy it. I put my heart and
soul into farming. And that’s what you have to do ! You must have a passion for farming
as it is not a nine-to-five job. We as farmers have to change the way
we communicate with the public which has not been the case
over the last twenty, thirty years. We have to better convey the messages
to the outside world about what we do on our fields. We as farmers have to recognise
that we have a lot of work to do concerning properly informing
the consumers and the public about the realities of modern
farming and food production. We have to face it. We failed
to keep the consumer in the loop. For me it is absolutely necessary that I can use
and apply crop protection products. If we didn’t have any crop protection products, or were not allowed to use them, some of our crop yields would go
down by more than 50 percent. A farmer is a professional.
He knows what he is allowed to do. If you picture this clearly:
With the technologies we have available today, we manage to spread one millilitre
over one square-meter. This means we can spread one drop
evenly over a one square-meter area. For me it is absolutely necessary that I can use
and apply crop protection products. As farmer I do not see myself
as a polluter, not at all. On the contrary, As farmer, I see myself as an environmentalist,
as a plant protector. And that is exactly what I do
with the environment as well, because as mentioned earlier: The soil is my capital.