Port Neches explosion fireball erupts
over city after blast at chemical plant footage posted online shows a giant
blaze at a TPC petrochemical plant in Port Neches Texas after an explosion
Honus more than 40 miles away massive explosion and fireball rocked a
petrochemical tank and blew out windows as it shook hands more than 40 miles
away say witnesses witnesses in Port Neches Texas said the powerful blast
felt like a bomb as it knocked doors off their hinges and roused residents from
their sleep with a deafening and alarming boom there were fears that
toxic smoke was billowing from the plant and residents were waiting to find out
if they would be forced to flee their homes in the city which is east of
Houston and just inland from the Gulf of Mexico flames shot hundreds of feet into
the air in an inferno that was so intense that the heat was detected by a
local TV stations weather satellite residents in the neighboring state of
Louisiana reported feeling the explosion there were no reports of injuries after
the incident happened at about 1:00 a.m. local time at a chemical plant owned by
TPC group