On this week’s 2 minute tip we’re
talking about straddle weeding. Straddle weeding what in the world is that
well straddle weeding is something we can do with our Double Wheel Hoe or our
High Arch Wheel Hoe that allows us to straddle a row of plants and cultivate
or weed both sides of the row in one pass straddle weeding is a technique
that’s going to allow you to weed or cultivate really close to those plants
and maybe even throw a little dirt on the plants to help encourage more root
development. So behind me here I’ve got several rows of beets that I planted
with our row maker tool on a previous video and I’ll put a link up top here so
you can check that out if you haven’t seen it. I planted these single rows of
beets on really tight spacing 1 foot apart and that’s going to really allow
me to maximize my garden space and it’s also going to provide the perfect
opportunity to utilize this straddle weeding technique to keep the area nice
and clean as these beets grow with the double wheel hoe and the high arch
wheel hoe there are several different options or attachment configurations
that we can use for straddle weeding the first one is this setup right here that
we call our spreader bar bonus so this includes our spreader bar here and two
of our six inch oscillating hoes and you basically put the oscillating hoes on
the far ends of the spreader bar mount this up to the wheel hoe and you’ve got
this space right here where you can straddle that row of plants and these
two oscillating hoes are going to cultivate both sides of the plant and
remove those weeds as you work along the row another option is to use the
cultivator teeth which are included with every wheel hoe we ship and what I like to
do here is take the cultivator teeth and put one behind each wheel whether it’s
on the double wheel hoe or the high arch and that allows me to go through there
and these are going to throw up a little more dirt than the oscillating hoes
wheel so if you want to kind of hill those plants a little bit the cultivator
teeth are a great option for that and the third option for straddle weeding
are these new wing sweeps right here and we have these in a four-inch blade like
this one or in a six inch wide blade and I use these much like I do the
cultivator teeth I’ll put them right behind each wheel maybe a little bit to
the outside of the wheel and these things are going to work great if you
want to dig a little deeper than the cultivator teeth will on the double
wheel hoe we’ve got about a five to six inch clearance area on the axle so we
can straddle those plants until they get about six inches tall on the high arch
wheel hoe we’ve got a much higher clearance which is about fifteen inches
so we can straddle those plants as they get a lot taller and for most crops like
beets that’s going to be plenty enough clearance to straddle those plants
throughout their lifetime. So maximize the space in your vegetable garden by
planting things on tight spacings and using strategies like straddle weeding
to keep those areas nice and cultivated clean and weed free. I hope you enjoyed
this week’s two-minute tip. We’ll see you next week