This video is a combined production between the University of Maryland extension And the Maryland Department of Agriculture the purpose of this video is to show you how to print a pesticide private applicator license online After it has been approved by the Maryland Department of Agriculture Before logging in to print your license you will need to have received an approval email from MDA Informing you that your renewal application has been approved as well as your MDA renewal reminder postcard To begin visit the web address printed on the front of your renewal reminder postcard Select license lookup and renewal from the menu on the left side of your screen This will bring up a page revealing the areas where you enter the information on your renewal postcard First select. I want to look up slash update my current license information Next enter the first series of digits printed above your name on the backside of the postcard. This is your license number Select pesticide private applicator certificate from the drop down menu, and then enter the last series of digits found on your renewal postcard And select search This will bring up your license information in the yellow box at the top of your screen You will see a link giving you the option to download your certificate Select download certificate to view your current license To do this you will need a program capable of reading PDF files such as Adobe Reader most computers come with this software already installed select open with and The program you would like to use then click OK This should bring up your current private applicator license at This point you may print your license by selecting the print option in your program If you do not have a printer at home your local library may have printing services available Alternatively you may contact MDA to request a printed copy of your license if you have questions about this process contact your local University of Maryland extension agent or Da at four one zero eight four one five seven one zero