When we lived in Dallas, we both had
great jobs. We were making good money and a really easy life. We had a swimming pool
in the backyard and a hot tub and we had our evenings and weekends free. When we
got h ere, it completely changed my outlook on what farming is really like. All of
the studies that I’ve seen about wheat say worldwide use is going to continue
to go up very rapidly. You know, any time there’s an advantage that comes along
and technology, with new seed or new herbicides, we adapt pretty quickly to it
out here because of necessity. Craig probably farms around 5,000 acres or so.
The machinery is really Craig’s area of expertise. He is an engineer at heart. We
gradually have built our machinery line into a world-class fleet, and it is one
of my great accomplishments out here. Out here you’re definitely dependent in
certain ways on Mother Nature for your very existence. You can work endlessly
out here and have your hat handed to you in a 15 minute hailstorm. The next
generation of herbicides are going to be needed to combat the new resistant weeds
and resistant insects that we have coming in the future. Wheat is very
drought resistant. It fits our climate really well out here. When the need for
the wheat seed arrives because of lack of supplies, I’m sure that there will be
a lot of investment in the wheat varieties.