welcome back to my channel in this video i’m going to show you how to grow money plants in hanging stick to make the hanging grow stick i just use pvc pipe and coir rope first preparing the coir rope stick wrapping the coir rope around the pvc pipe tightening the rope to preventing unravel now the hanging coir rope stick is ready making the hanging holes using power drill insert the hanging thread through the holes now preparing the money plants it’s a piece of nylon filter sponge sheet put the coco peat in this sheet then place the money plant cutting or rooted money plant and then again put some coco peat and cover the money plant roots next folding the sheet like a pocket next place the it on the stick then attach and warp the prepared money plant with stick again wrapping some money plants on the stick after finishing watering the plants thoroughly with sprayer use sprayer or water sprinkler to water them then water them twice a week thanks for watching