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I’m Sergio and today we’re going to see the montage and operation of a fertilizer spreader. First let’s see the necessary materials: Function of a fertilizer spreader Its main utility is the contribution of nutritive solutions through irrigation to enrich it. Its operation is very simple, it has the function of fertilizer deposit and the effect that it produces is the dissolution or
product dilution contribute. It is seen that it is a completely empty polyester product and we see the different shots that it has: one of entry, another of exit and a last one for the relief of the internal pressure. Now that we know the main thing of a fertilizer spreader, we will continue with the assembly of it: For assembly, the first thing we are going to do is mount two collars with a simple socket. They consist of two main parts that are the base and the exit, which can have different diameters and it’s from
BSP thread. First, we put the base in the part
go down the pipe. Second, we put the board of
sealing on the inside of the exit assuring us that it does not leave your
seat. We place the top of the collar
in the pipe and screwed. Once we have located the collar as we want, with a drill and a drill metal or crown, we drill the part
which is seen from the top of the collar. These collars can be installed
both in PVC or polyethylene pipes. We apply Teflon to the input threads,
exit and relief of our fertilizer spreader. The ball valves will come in screw-thread or polyethylene-polyethylene. We need polyethylene thread as seen in the image. In the case that we have screw-thread or polyethylene-polyethylene, we unscrew and screw and we have to stay as it looks. Once we have the three valves of
ball, we screw them into the jacks of the fertilizer: entrance, exit and relief. At the outlet valve, we place the filter to ensure that no irrigation will enter the irrigation network waste that can block the drippers. Finally, we connect the input and output sockets with flexible pipes. With everything connected, we can only see
its operation: First, we strangle the network a bit
of irrigation. This causes part of the flow to be
divert our fertilizer spreader by opening the intake, where the water will mix with the product coming out of the outlet once opened and thus returning to the irrigation network passing through the filter. Once we have no product left, we close the inlet valves, the outlet valve and we completely open the valve of the irrigation network and we also open the relief valve of our fertilizer spreader so that the
pressure and thus be able to open So far the video comes. If you click on the card on the top right or you go to the description of the video
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