most popular tea bags contain the legal amount of deadly pesticides avoid these brands at all costs nowadays we are surrounded by pesticides from the food we buy in the grocery stores in the parks outside our homes and school playgrounds therefore in order to avoid their adverse effects you should make numerous efforts like consuming only home grown and organic foods to washing the purchase food before consumption yet these toxic pesticides seem to somehow find a way to enter our lives and endanger our health apparently a recent research found elevated levels of these dangerous chemicals in the most popular brands of T backs such as twinings deadly and lipton namely there was an investigation conducted by the cbc news on the teabags produced by popular companies worldwide including turkey lift on yellow label black tea and pure green key twinings King Cole no name red rose signal uncle leaves legends of China jasmine green key and green pea the researchers used an accredited lab to examine the amounts of pesticides on the dry tea leaves with the same technique employed by the National Food Inspection Agency they found that more than a half of the examining tease included pesticide residues in illegally high amounts moreover eight out of the 10 tease tested included various chemicals as well with one brand of T having more than 22 different pesticide types furthermore some of the pesticides found in these teeth like monocrotophos and endo self and are actually in the process of getting banned in few countries as they negatively affect the environment and represent a threat to workers that handle it while most of the tested tease included pesticide races some brands had an excessive amount of these harmful pesticides which goes beyond the legally set limits hence you should be aware that the best tea brands are the ones that contain no pesticides however the following teabags brands are the worst possible alternative and you should avoid them at all costs can cold out this tea brand is high invested sides as well as monochrome photos which is in the process of getting banned as it leads to irregular heartbeats coma and involuntary defecation uncle lee’s legends of china green pea research has identified more than 20 different types of pesticides including endo solve an which is also to be banned pesticide in many countries as it causes various side effects like disorders of the nervous system tremors and its consumption has even lead to death in some cases no name this tea has been found to contain more than 10 different pesticide types these findings had lead to a reaction from the tea producing companies for instance James Young vice president of uncle lee’s legends of China which is the tea brand which has been found to include most pesticides defended his brand by claiming that LT includes pesticides in the content he said if you drink tea regulate he I don’t care it’s what brand is that the fact of life this agricultural product does have pesticides he neglected the fact that the research conducted by the CBC found that red rose was the only brand that does not contain pesticides out of ten tested this shows that he may be cultivated without pesticide residue and that his statement is just one of the many told by big corporations in order to deceive customers hence you should support those companies which produce t free of pesticides by avoiding the ones that are filled with it like no name and uncle these