Hello i’m here to show you some of my plant collection… So today i’m just gonna show you small plants
and then i’ll do a part two next time with the bigger plants. Gonna start with this fishbone cactus which
some of you might have seen before on my instagram, it’s my absolute favourite plant ever i’ve
decided – i’m just obsessed with those leaves, the squiggly little lines… it is adorable
and so easy to look after too. This is actually a cutting from the previous
plant i showed you, so this is the baby version i guess, and it’s doing really well! This is an even younger version of a successful
cutting from the original plant. It’s basically a fishbone baby, but it seems
to be really happy. Here is one of my two snake plants. they are
amazing, so resilient, they just do not care you can just leave them
and they are so happy, and i love that kind of variation of green
on the leaves as well. I found out today that this plant is called
a pancake plant, which makes a lot of sense, it is just adorable with those circular little
leaves. This was from a plant that fell out my window
and i made a little cutting, and put it in a plant pot, and it’s still
very delicate but i’m just glad it exists. Next up we have a cactus. who doesn’t love
a cactus? i think this one is especially handsome. This was a gift from my old art teacher and
it’s just a sweet little succulent. Apparently this is called a zebra plant, it’s
got that nice little texture, and I also love the pot, I think it looks
like cells or something. This is a really tiny little easter cactus
cutting. Aaaand this is a spider plant, with a few
little babies. These are also just the easiest to look after,
and so cute too, and you can plant the little babies and they
become new plants which is amazing. So this one is a bit weird – it’s a ficus
tree, and I actually killed it, kind of, almost, because I didn’t look after it properly. So
what I did was cut it back, put it in a warm spot for Winter, and the leaves have started to
grow back, and it’s so exciting! Because it’s revived, I think. Here we have a Christmas cactus. This was from a cutting that a kind follower
sent me, and I just love the kind of rosy colour. So here’s string of hearts…just a gorgeous
gorgeous baby little hearts, so tiny and sweet. That is all for now! I will leave you with
some more views of the fishbone cactus, and yes! I’ll be back soon. I hope you enjoyed
this, and i’ll list all the names of the plants below, so you can research them yourself. Hope you have a good day and I will see you