This video describes how to make
insecticides using Neem tree seeds. First find a Neem tree
with green and yellow fruits. Select the ripe fruits
which are yellow in color. Let the fruits dry in the sun
for about 3 or 4 days until they turn brown. Using a mortar and pestle, the fruits are slightly pounded
to remove the shells from the fruits without breaking the seed inside. The content of the mortar is winnowed
to separate the shells from the seeds. The seeds are classified
and then separated based on color. The good ones are dark in color. The lighter colored seeds are eliminated. Place a number of the
selected seeds in the mortar and pound them until
they are converted into a fine powder. Pour the fine powder
into a container containing water and then mix the solution well. The proportion to be used is 350 grams of powder
per 10 liters of water, which is approximately
6 handfuls of powder per 10 liters of clean water. Let the mixture rest for 24 hours
before it is used. Filter the mixture as it is
poured into the sprayer to remove small particles
that could clog the sprayer filter and the application tip of the sprayer. The filtrate should be sprayed
on all green parts of the crop. While spraying,
walk advancing regularly while keeping the spray
applicator 50 cm from the foliage. The contents of a knapsack
sprayer with 15 liters of filtrate should cover an approximate area
that is 400 square meters of cultivar.