Seventeen percent of all the people in North Carolina work in agriculture and it is a 84-billion-dollar industry, so we are the No. 1 industry in North Carolina with military being No. 2. I’m Elizabeth Wilson; I’m the director of the Ag Institute at North Carolina State University. I met Robert, and his passion for getting veterans into agriculture was just a blessing for us. Five years in the Marine Corps and then 10 years contracted working on Marine Corps aircraft in training marines as well. What we have is a severe problem in agriculture: The median age of farmers is 58 and for about every five to ten that get out, there’s only about one that comes into it. But it takes a special person, or a special group of people that are going to make that sort of Industry work. He took me out to his farm and showed me what he does he just gave me some confidence in myself to do something with him. For a veteran, being outside — it is a therapy, you know, but when you take a veteran to a farm and put them back to work and give them a purpose it is pretty extraordinary. I’m taking control of my life. There’s no reason in this world why we need to have homeless vets or jobless vets when the jobs are out there the homes are there. They need to know all of the opportunities that are out there for them, and the reality is that any job that you can imagine within any other industry is a part of agriculture. Vets are amazing for it. The Ag Institute is such a special program that it makes real differences in lives. It’s not just an education; we help to grow the whole person.