the indian Neem tree neem trees thrive in poor dry regions building new soil where overgrazing and
deforestation have ruined the land the tree is now widely planted in
damaged areas the ayurveda india’s ancient folk medicine prescribes
neem for a range of disorders such as skin infection parasites and fevers twigs are sold for tooth sticks natural tooth brushes used throughout
southeast asia there many kinds but neem is the best for dental health
this toothpaste factory near stuttgart is one of three in the area using the neem as an ingredient production is high and its invaluable to
farmers as a fertilizer it’s more powerful
than farmyard manure and it keeps insect predators at bay added to cattle feed neem cake provides extra nutrition in
famine times and helps to treat intestinal parasites in the household and the granary Neem has long been used as an insect
repellent leaves spread between clothes and
blankets keep moths away leaves or oil mixed with grain keep
it insect free during months of storage the unique power of the neem tree
immediately protecting the cabbage from the attacks of its insects predators.
They may be present and they may be hungry but they don’t eat that’s Neem’s anti-feedant effect is there any possibility that it’s toxic to human beings the beauty of this is it’s remarkable
specificity for insects it has no toxicological significance for humans or most forms of of wildlife, birds, fish how broad spectrum of insects does it act on actually it’s very good in that regard The US Department of Agriculture has tested
over two hundred species of pest insects over ninety percent of which
responded in one manner or another. That’s remarkable! The Neem is effective
against fungal infections parasites and bacteria and in the battle against malaria. In
preventing Chagas disease Neem saves lives. We created practically a sensation because we are looking at Neem derivatives as substitutes for the synthetic pesticides synthetic pesticides are weapons of mass destruction killing all the insects around whether harmful or not and threatening other forms of life, including us residues contaminate soil and water ways and their on our food the Neem we’ve tested has been every bit as good as even the best conventional pesticides it’s quite crazy to go around destroying
our forests in the way that we do scientists are using the vast range of
modern analytic technology to take the neem tree apart, individual compounds can be synthesized and mass-produced for the global pesticides market. people
who live within the Neem Tree could profit from an international market
that cut them out particularly the pesticide industry. The farmer can easily make extract and apply it to the field with out worrying about having to identify the active ingredients products used for millennia by third world countries, end up profiting first-world
corporations they own the plantations control of distribution or these days may even have a patent on the active molecule GAT was drawing an intellectual property
rights and patents in to a world trading system and that’s when decided this is what i must work on because it was really about the most fundamental fabric of our moral existence
existence over the past decade we have been gaining ground and when i say we i mean ordinary people committed to the welfare of all of humanity all people irrespective of gender and
class and race and religion all species on the planet we managed to take the biggest
government and one of the largest chemical companies to court on the case of Neem and win a case against them W R Grace and the U S government’s patent
on Neem was revoked by a case we brought along with the greens of
european parliament and the international organic agriculture movement we won because we worked together