JORDAN MILEWSKI: Hi, Jordan Milewski here
with New Holland Agriculture. I’m proud to introduce to you our new line of hydraulic-push
vertical beater manure spreaders. Today, we have to talk about the HydraBox 425V and 550V
manure spreaders. The 425V has a cubic–a heaped bushel capacity of 425 bushels, as
well as the 550V which has a capacity of 550 heaped bushels. These new spreaders feature
an innovative push design and vertical beater, which spread the material wide and thin to
better utilization of those manure nutrients. All new HydraBox Spreaders from New Holland
feature a twin cylinder staggered push design. This design actually allows the hydraulic-push
system to be somewhat shorter, reducing the overall tongue length, improving maneuverability
in tight barnyards. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the all new HydraBox
from New Holland. These innovative new spreaders feature a system that only requires one set
of hydraulic remotes. Through this hydraulic synchronizing valve, the end gate lifts fully
to the raised position, and then, the hydraulic-pusher begins to move the load towards the expeller.
For those customers who wish to control the speed of the discharge, we have a hydraulic
flow control valve here. And for those customers with tractors with hydraulic-flow control
valves integrated into the cab design, they can simply open this valve fully and they
can use the convenient controls located in their tractor cabs. The twin cylinder design
provides for easier servicing and less costly repairs allowing an owner to easily remove
a single cylinder, make a repair, and go back to spreading very quickly. The twin cylinders
push on the reinforced phase–plunger phase which quickly moves the load to the rear.
Let’s take a closer look inside the all new HydraBox Spreaders. First, the hydraulic-push
phase features a rubber gasket scrapper which cleanly scraps material off the virgin-grade
poly sides and floor or cleanout unsurpassed. The end gate also features a rubber gasket
to help prevent any material leakage. These spreaders are ideal for pen pack manures,
as well as feedlot and other dairy manures. Now let’s take a closer look at the business
end of the all new HydraBox Spreaders. The vertical beaters provide very uniform material
breakup and distribution with a spread-pattern as wide as 30 feet, depending on the materials.
This provides a spread-pattern that’s wide and thin, which is ideal for top-dressing
on active hayfields. Vertical beaters feature high-lift wing beater teeth and a unique design
where the upper section of lining actually has a reverse pitch to improve material distribution,
provide a very uniform wide-spread pattern. The innovative top-down driven beater design
doesn’t require any lower-gear box, improving the ground clearance underneath the beater
section. This allows for easier maneuvering in tight barnyards, as well as added clearance
for entering and exiting fields or when spreading across field swells. But best of all, when
you’re through spreading for the day, simply by pulling this handle you release the fine
manure-pan which allows any caked on manure to simply fall out the bottom without any
difficult, cumbersome scraping. This means, for the next load you spread, you simply close
up the pan and you’re ready to go without worries about material freezing up. This HydraBox
550V from New Holland is equipped with our 60/40 split offset tandem axel. The offset
tandem axel provides that the front wheel only ever carries 40% of the total load. This
allows the tandem axel to lift-up which provides–which allows for the spreader to turn more easily
in difficult field conditions as well on hard ground surfaces. For added safety and peace
of mind while transporting, all HydraBox models feature transport lighting is standard. This
active lighting provides both turn-signals and brake-lighting. A safety chain is also
a standard feature.