If you ask us what we make, it’s pretty
simple, Crop Nutrient Applicators and Deicing Spreaders. If you ask us who we
are I’ll need more than a minute and a half The biggest quality that sets us apart is our strong bond. We are family, we care
about each other and learn about each other’s roles and needs, because as a
company, we rise and fall together. You’re never just a number here, everyone is a
leader. Whether you work in HR, IT, welding, fabrication, or any one of our other
departments, you’re expected to create change to forge ahead and identify
better ideas. It’s what makes this company so successful. Each one of us is
driven and innovative. Don’t get me wrong, the culture is great but there are a lot
of practical reasons I love my job too. I got accepted into a Master’s program, I
can get it all paid for, and because it’s a smaller company, I get to be involved
in almost every part of our operation and make a real impact. That’s what I
love about this place, the accountability. We rely on each other, and trust everyone will do their part. I came here on a tour in college and was sold. It’s open, clean, and the company really
cares about us and our safety. That may not sound unique, but you’d be
surprised. Plus, at the end of the day, I get to build equipment that feed the
world. I don’t think it gets much better than that