Wait a minute. What’s that? It rains!! This morning in the livestream it should had rained, but it didn’t But this is a nice shower. I spread some fertilizer, I’ll post a picture on Facebook and Instagram But it rains! Very nice! Have fun watching the following video Goodday ladies and gentlemen and welcome. Today we’re not going to talk about the irrigation reel fot a change Today I’m raking. And what am I raking, naaah, not much I have a few fields which are irrigated and there’s a bit of grass Well yeah, a bit of grass. We need some feed for the coming winter, and that’s going to be a problem In the coming 2 weeks there’s still no rain in the forcast, and last thursday it was the 19th, which is the 1st dogday And people say, how you go in the 1st dogday, you’ll leave it the last And if it’s true I’m not sure, but it will mean we’re no rain for a month, because the dogdays take a month But it is true sometimes. Here the sprinkler has been a few times, and her’s some grass But it’s going to be a problem. I’ve irrigated the corn, and it’s good, because of the irrigation But there’s some corn in this area which have burned leaves because of the drought Anyhow, I’m going to set you up somewhere so you can watch how I rake nothing Dang! It’s hot! I’m going back to the tractor quickly, nice with the air conditioning I’m listening to Radio Tour de France. Like! Comment and subscribe if you haven’t already! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for watching