I’m very excited about the future and
about Nutrien inside of the agricultural industry – there’s nothing
that you shouldn’t be excited about. We are the only publicly traded company in
the world that actually has a go to market strategy like Nutrien. We’re
integrated from production right through to distribution to the farm. We do have
the world’s largest crop input business, as well as the world’s largest
agricultural retail business. And when you integrate those things together,
really cool things happen for all of our stakeholders, our customers, our employees,
our shareholders and our neighbors. Let’s start with our customers. We provide all
the products, all the services and all the solutions including precision
agricultural technology solutions to help the farmer maximize crop and food
production in a sustainable way. But then you look at our shareholders, the
business model will provide significant shareholder returns because of the
financial strength and stability and the ability to grow the company. Our
employees are going to see significant opportunities. If you just look at
Nutrien, integrated across the value chain, 40 billion dollar company in 14
countries with aspirations to grow and many more. There’s a lot of hard work
that we need to accomplish, there’s a lot of things we have to do, but overall, I
think that the future is so bright for a company like Nutrien.
If you look at the communities where we live and work, we’re going to strive very
hard to make sure that we have a very strong relationship with them and that
it’s a win-win and we’ll be able to have successful long-term relationships with
all of our stakeholders. 2018 will be our first full year, of
course we have ambitious plans. It goes without saying though that safety will
be first and foremost in our minds, and sometimes when you look at safety, it’s
easy to talk about the numbers and sometimes we lose sight of the fact that
what we’re talking about are people. And when you talk about people, you’re
talking about families, whether it’s the Nutrien family or the nuclear family
for each individual employee, so it has to be part of our DNA, it has to be a way
of life, there can be nothing more important than safety – not production, not
profit and not even our customers. The second priority is then we made a public
commitment when we announced the deal to deliver five hundred million dollars of
annual operating synergies and that has to do with driving efficiencies in
procurement and logistics in the supply chain of the two companies, and that’s a
commitment that we made, we take our commitment seriously, and that’ll be a
key focus for 2018. Beyond that, I think the next priority will be focusing on
growing the company, and if you look at how we want to grow, there’ll be a strong
focus to grow the retail business in North America, but we also have plans to
grow the network in Brazil and that’ll be a significant focus for the future as
well. And then the other area that we’re focused on growing our retail business
is in the advent of alternate technology, so digital technologies, precision
agricultural technologies – we’re always looking at ways to grow the retail
business that way. For our production businesses, we’re always looking for
assets that fit, that are low costs, top-tier businesses will continually
look for production assets as well to grow that part of our business. When I
look ahead, I see the merger as the beginning, not the end. I see a company in
the future being a global agricultural powerhouse, where
we have bringing value to our growers around the world, our other retail
customers, of course our employees, driving value for our shareholders and
being responsible and successful in the communities where we live and work. In
other words, I see a future where we have this phenomenal company that everybody
can be proud of.