( whoosh sfx )>>CHRIS ARNOLD: Thanks to
advanced technology, precision farming has significantly
changed agriculture. However, when applying liquid
manure, you have lacked the ability to accurately track
applied nutrients. And as you know, nutrient
information from a limited number of lab samples,
don’t account for variances across or within different
storage locations. That means, with this process,
you don’t really know what nutrients are actually applied. That’s why we developed Manure
Constituent Sensing for HarvestLab 3000… giving you a solution to
put more precision into this age-old practice. Here’s how it works: HarvestLab 3000 with Manure
Constituent Sensing, uses near infrared technology to measure
levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, ammonia
nitrogen, dry matter, and liquid volumes… at more
than 4,000 readings per second. To manage application needs,
you can set a target rate for one nutrient, such as
nitrogen… and select a limit rate
for another nutrient, such as phosphorus. If you have Tractor Implement
Automation, ground speed will be adjusted automatically to
maintain those desired rates. If you do not have this
automation, you can maintain those target rates, by manually
adjusting your tractor’s speed, based on real-time data, shown
on the display. Add in location data from your
tractor’s StarFire receiver… and you can precisely document
what was applied… and where. As you’re applying manure,
JDLink Connect can wirelessly send the data to John Deere
Operations Center. There, you can see the total
volume and levels of nutrients applied. These details can help you make
more-informed decisions in the future. You might even discover that
other fertilizer inputs can be reduced…
and that can directly benefit your bottom line. This as-applied data can also
be shared with trusted advisors and help with
compliance reporting. As an added benefit, you can
use HarvestLab 3000 for three applications which gives you an
even better return on investment… applying liquid
manure, during forage harvest, and as a tabletop analyzer for
feed rations. Now, with manure constituent
sensing, you can confidently monitor, manage, and document
nutrients, dry matter, and liquid volume with lab-quality
measurements. You’ll know precisely what you
applied… and where. Visit your John Deere dealer to
see how you can incorporate this technology into your