when you’re spreading a blend the sizes do make a big difference so if something is a small versus something large within the same blend they’re going to be thrown different distances from the impact on the vein so that’s important to bear in mind that it’s not going to be evenly distributed as a compound fertilizer would be you need to choose a quality compound fertilizer ideally because all the nutrients only each granule or prim so it means that it’s spread evenly and all the nutrients are everywhere within the field and creates an even crop if you’re spreading say a poorer quality blend the distribution of that will be different so you could have a phosphate over here and notion over there whereas in a compound everything’s in the same place so the plant is getting is actually what it needs then you need to make sure that your spreader settings are correct go to the manufacturers website and they should be on there it’s really important because that obviously set something president for lodging or uneven crops [Music]