Hi my name’s Dana Hoag. I’m a professor in the Department of Agricultural
and Resource Economics here at CSU. I teach a lot of things, but primarily I teach
agricultural policy for the agribusiness program. Students who get a degree in agribusiness
can expect a wide variety of jobs. Most people think of agriculture as farming,
but it’s really a lot bigger than that nowadays. If you want a job in marketing or finance
or production, that’s going to require an education that teaches you business, economics,
technology, things like that. Our curriculum is designed to give you the
skills that are going to appeal to the employers. When an employer looks at CSU student we want
them to know that that student is well-educated in economic principles that are going to help
them make money and business skills that are gonna help them make money, and that they
have an agricultural understanding so that they understand the business that they’re
working in. One of the things we like to do is teach a
lot of quantitative methods and ways to do analysis in our program and we do that because
it’s a necessary skill to survive in today’s business. If you’re not doing it, somebody else is and
they’re going to be able to provide their product cheaper or better than you are and
you’re going to go out of business. Elasticity and supply chain analysis and input/output
are just some of the kinds of tools that we teach that enable students to graduate with
the skills that we think they’re going to need to be able to handle jobs in the industry. One thing unique about our program is that
you’re getting taught by somebody that really knows what they’re talking about. That person is known in their field for what
they do, they’ll give you examples, they’ll work hard to make it an enjoyable experience
and our students tell us time and time again in our evaluations that they enjoyed the classes,
they found them valuable, but they also found them fun. So a student that’s an online student
can expect a pretty nice diversity of courses that are very applied and they’ll be able
to find what’s interesting to them.