I am Sarah Burris. I live in New River, Arizona and I just graduated with my agricultural business degree from CSU Online. I have three horses and myself that live in New River with me along with three dogs. We also are just close enough to help the family ranch. My grandpa founded the farm in 1986. He found this place because he wanted to get back into the farming and ranching, and so now we’re mainly focused on being a working cattle ranch. I wanted to use my love of agriculture to make a living for myself. I did some research online and found CSU, and found that they had an online degree program for an agricultural business degree. So that stuck out to me because it was something that I could do at home, be active, still get that hands-on experience here and take into action what I’m learning in class and then – still coming up to my family’s ranch – put that into practice What sticks out to me the most with CSU Online was just how nice and helpful the staff and the professors were. Even though you’re online and you’re distant, you still can have those one-on-one conversations with them and ask questions. I really enjoyed my animal science course. But I also really enjoyed just the marketing, the accounting… It was everything that I was hoping to get out of it and I’m so glad I did. Now being a graduate, I feel like I stand out from the crowd. Walking across the stage and one of my professors being like, “Sarah Burris, it’s nice to meet you in person…” So that was just really special. When you still feel like just as special as any other graduate there.