Hi. I�m Lynn Hitt, president of ePestSolutions.
Today, I�d like to talk to you about MGK�s FastCap. It contains esfenvalerate and prallethrin.
Its microcap formulation gives it a longer residual in the environment. It�s very effective
on scorpions, spiders. It�s hard to kills insects like that. In Texas, kills the insects
better than most chemicals out there. In fact, they groom themselves on a regular basis.
That�s what makes this one of the premium choices for spiders or scorpions.
They can also be used indoors as a broadcast spray. It�s a very versatile label as an
exterior label. Again, more residual with a microcap formulation. It�s a very good
product with quality price. So order your Onslaught FastCap today. Call
us at 888-523-7378 or visit our website ePestSolutions.com.