Deciding whether or not you want to consume
conventional foods versus organic foods or if you want to consume some organic and some
conventional, it’s important to understand all the terms. Now to understand synthetic
pesticides think about this. Have you ever walked out of your home and you see a huge
wasp nest and the first thing you do is grab a wasp killer to kill those insects? Well,
farmers feel the same way when they see bug callings on their produce or anything they’re
growing and they want to make a financial living off of. So, synthetic pesticides became
extremely popular in the nineteen fifties because farmers were able to kill bugs that
were on their plants. They started to see a large yield from being able to use these
synthetic pesticides. Now, it is important to know that some of these pesticides are
found harmful later on. In nineteen-seventy-two they did ban DDT do to premature birth defects
that were happening and harmful environment effects. Recently, in two-thousand the U.S.
E.P.A. put a ban on Dursban because they were also finding some harmful effects to humans.
So, it’s important to understand that if you want to have conventional foods that you know
what’s going on the foods and if you want to eat organic foods to know that you’re protected
against these synthetic pesticides.