Hey, viewers, I hope all of you will be fine. In our home gardening, one big problem that we have to face are pests. Today’s video is on their solution. In this video, I will show you how to make an organic pesticide at home. This pesticide will be very simple to make and all the ingredients are home available things. Let’s start making our organic spray. First I will tell you the ingredients that you will need for it. You will need 4 basic items for this solution. First, you will need a medium size onion, chop it and make small pieces. 2nd thing is garlic, take 2 cloves of it and remove their skin. 3rd you will need red hot peppers. If you have whole peppers then take 2 medium size and make their small pieces. If you don’t have whole peppers then you can use two tablespoon chilli powder. In either case, make sure they are hot peppers and not sweet ones. Take these three things in a plate and then put them all in grinder. Grind them all to make their paste. Take the paste and put it on a plate. If you have touched it then be careful not to rub your eyes, as chillies are hot. Now take 3 litter water in a pot and heat it. Take it down when it is hot don’t wait for boiling. Now put your paste in this hot water. Mix it with some tool. It will smell bad so better mix it outside to prevent smell spread in kitchen. After mixing it let it sit for 20 -25 minutes. In the meantime arrange some jar or pot. Put a cloth on it to filter the salad particles from the solution. I have used cloth you can use any other suitable thing. Now after the solution is kept for 20-25 minutes then pour it in the new pot. All the particles will be cached in the filter and you will get the solution in the pot. Now 4th thing that you have to mix init is mild liquid dish washer soap. Add two table spoon of it. Try to find vegetable-based dishwasher soap. Now your solution is ready store in airtight jar and put it in fridge. Use it when you need, shake before using keep it for 2,3 weeks then make new. For praying it put it in a spray bottle . Wash the leaves of your plant with it. be sure to wash the backside of leaves. Now this spray’s smell will make the insects not eat the leaves. Spray it on all you plants once a week. When insects won’t have to eat anything they will die or run away to other places. This spray is not harmful to plants so it has no major side effects, its not bad for bees also. Thanks for watching subscribe if you like my videos. Take care bye bye.