In today’s video I will show how you can make cheap and effective pesticide from easily available tobacco For promoting organic gardening share this video with all social media How to make cheap and effective pesticide from tobacco Before sharing it I would like to acknowledge you that many gardening tips and ideas are shared on this channel For getting those ideas and gardening tips subscribe now for free Subscription link is given here Go and click here for automatic subscription Whenever new video Tips or ideas are posted here You will get directly Come let’s start how to make cheap and effective pesticide from tobacco You need few things to make this pesticide first is tobacco take any tobacco Beside it you will need a liquid soap you can also use any mild shampoo or any liquid dishwasher available at home You can use that too Lets now watch how to make cheap and effective liquid pesticide from tobacco For making insecticide you need one tea spoon tobacco we have to add this tobacco into half liter of water Take a spoon full of tobacco in a jar after that add water into jar After water add few drops of mild liquid soap You can also use mild shampoo or dish wash Keep this mixture for a night Tobacco gets dissolve and a good solution will be ready Then transfer this mixture to a spray bottle and spray on the pest affected plants Tobacco kept for night has properly dissolved in water By keeping tobacco in water for six to eight hours you can use this at convenient time Remember one thing we have to use freshly made solution After straining transfer this solution to a spray bottle Now this is ready to sprayed on insects, aphids and pests As you are watching there are many pests on soft part of plant and at back of leaves too there are many pests As you are watching Soft part of plant is heavily affected by aphids and the area of flowers too are affected by insects and pests Now I will spray tobacco solution on affected parts Next day we will watch what will be effect of tobacco solution Now I will spray solution on plant when you spray Spray at every part Spray at back of leaves cover every part of plant Pests lives at back part of leaves cover every part of plant with spray Next day we will see the results of spray Tobacco spray done yesterday has completely finished insects no insects are alive After one more day this insects and aphids will dry out Now after two days the insects and aphids are completely dried out Every pest is finished At upper and lower part of plant insects are totally finished Tobacco solution is a very effective treatment especially effective on black aphids whenever this aphids and insects attack on any plant use this tobacco solution plants will be completely free from aphids and insects You have to check plants regularly for finding aphids attack you can kill aphids by using tobacco spray Controlling aphids by tobacco spray is completely effective and successful Whenever you see aphids and insects attack on plant use this spray for complete control of insects and your plants will grow well You can also use this method at your terrace garden and backyard garden How was this video? Like this video and share this video with others Be sure to subscribe this channel See you again with a new video till then enjoy gardening at your terrace Thank You