Wheat grass juice or wheat grass powder both are good for health How would it be, to make wheat grass powder from? Organically grown wheat grass at home In this video I will show from organically grown wheat grass How you can make organic wheat grass powder Before showing how to make organic wheat grass powder from Organically grown wheat grass I request you to subscribe this channel Subscription link is given below this video Go below and hit on subscription link for automatic process Subscribing is totally free When you subscribe also hit on bell icon Whenever new video is posted you will be notified It will be convenient you to get new videos Come let us start If you have any question mention by commenting below Share this video with others Sharing help those to make organic wheat grass powder at home Also like this video Wheat grass is a nutritious food Everyone should use it for good health You can grow organic wheat grass at home by any method I have shown few methods before If you want you can check that videos below in description I have given links of videos related to growing of wheat grass at home there I have given same links above You can also check those videos from here Wheat grass needs 3 to 4 weeks for attaining this height When wheat grass reaches this length cut clippings You have to trim above 3 inches of soil level Cut nearly this length of grass clippings and collect Now I will trim entire wheat grass in pot I have stored wheat grass clippings in a container Now I will dry this wheat grass clippings in shade It will take one week to dry grass clippings Then you can grind to make wheat grass powder You can give water and fertilizer regularly in pot Then you can trim it few more occasions It will help you to collect more wheat grass clippings Keep collecting and drying wheat grass in shade Then grind it for getting good amount of wheat grass powder You can use it daily for improving health After trimming wheat grass clippings I had kept it in shade It has dried you can notice it on screen Wheat grass clippings gets dry in a week Now wheat grass clippings are ready for grinding This is organic wheat grass as it was grown organically at home After grinding a good quality of wheat grass powder is prepared Then you can consume it for improving health It has many nutrients beneficial for your health By this method you can easily grow wheat grass Then after trimming clippings and drying in shade You can make easily make wheat grass powder at home It is necessary to dry wheat grass in shade For keeping nutrients intact in powder This nutrients improves your health I have transferred dried wheat grass in grinder After grinding wheat grass powder is ready for use You can also dry wheat grass in shade for a week And make wheat grass powder at home Then you can use it in drink or any other suitable method After grinding I will show how it looks Grind for some duration and then it will become fine powder I will open lid and show fine powder After grinding store wheat grass powder You can then use powder for daily use Now I will open and see, as you are noticing fine powder of grass Now you can store in a container and use for daily purpose Use of wheat grass powder improves health You should consume it daily for maximum health benefits After grinding wheat grass store powder in container Consume according to your daily requirement You can easily make wheat grass powder by this method This method is very simple How was the method of making wheat grass powder? From organically grown wheat grass at home I hope this information is helpful to you This video deserves a like from you Hit like button for this video Share this video with other organic gardening enthusiastic Be sure to subscribe this channel I will meet you again with some other information Thanks for staying till end of this video