Wow It really is true that it lessens the stress whenever we see our plants looking this beautiful and have many flowers DO you want to know our secret? Don’t go, because we are about to share the result of our Heavy Pruning (check Part 1 video) We have 2 calamansi plants here Plant A and Plant B Our plan is: Plant A will be heavily pruned for it to produce lots of fruits Plant B won’t be pruned. It will stay as it is We would see the difference of Plant A from Plant B in terms of their flowering What I want to remove in Heavy Pruning are those branches in the middle to create “Airspace” Effect of Heavy Pruning Flowering happens after 10-15 days of Heavy Pruning In just a month, there will be small fruits already which are 2 millimeters in size Usually, after heavy pruning and the fruits are 3 millimeters to 1 centimeters Notice the rich green color of leaves and branches It’s a sign of flowering Let’s compare these two kind of branches As you can see this one, right below or this branch it’s more healthy and greener in color Now, this is an example of a branch that is not yet ready to produce flowers It looks dried up In just a month While the fruits are already getting big flowering will start again You will notice it in your leaves and branches how thick they have become and greener in color Let’s talk about our experiment now Will there be any difference between Plant A and Plant B? We can see Plant A has now started to produce flowers after being heavily pruned It’s really nice to see! While Plant B remains the same Tips from Mang K Because we did heavy Pruning, there are no branches in the middle there are Suckers growing These suckers are not good for your plant What we should do is to remove them When a branch grew like this one not in the right position it will have thorns. They are Suckers These are Suckers that have already grown A sign of a Sucker is that it has thorns That is a Sucker We don’t have to prune our plants as small as this one In our farm, what we did is we pruned them like this so we can easily manage them It will be easier to spray and easier to harvest The Heavy Pruning that we did we removed the branches that grow high what we want is to grow horizontally You will notice in some farms that has been in this business for quite long now their plants are not too high For you to achieve that IN 3-5 years, you should start removing the branches in the middle Conclusion Now that you already know the two ways It’s up to you what method to use Stressing or Heavy Pruning? Comment below and let us know You will see in the leaves in this kind of weather are bigger in size We also have to check the signs in the leaves When the leaves are already medium-sized we can already start pruning so it will be easier to produce fruits