I belong to the twelfth generation that worked this land. It was I who helped my father with work
on the farm. He was very fond of horses, and we always worked on horseback, not in jeeps or anything. During my youth I always wanted
my classes to finish so I could come here, get on a horse and ride over the farm. I always dreamed of being a farmer. The main products we work with are: hard and soft wheat, barley for beer-making, chickpeas, sunflower and rape. We must protect the crops from insects and fungi so we have to continuously cure them against both threats. We use different types of products: plant protection herbicides. We also have insecticides, which we must inevitably use for the plant to grow and produce fruit. And then, to control fungi attacks: fungicides. All this needs special and very technical machinery for the product to be applied in the exact doses and at the exact speed… to prevent it from damaging the crops and other living creatures like bees or birds. It is vital to continue to produce sufficient
quality food to feed the population. Pesticides are thought to be used
in excess but I think that is wrong. Because, after analysing their situation, farmers always usually adjust
themselves to an economy of means. Finally, our aim is not to destroy biodiversity
but to live with it and allow it to develop and through improving techniques, sowing and labour, ensure that there is food for everyone.