Hello Friends! Todays Video is on the Top 5 Solutions or
Remedies to Control or Eliminate the most common garden pests like Aphids, White Flies
and Mealy Bugs and All these bugs are closely related to each other. Coming Up! Aphids, White flies and Mealy bugs are small
soft bodied insects that can damage any plant very fast. Both nymphs and adults damage plants by sucking
the juices from new growth causing stunted growth, leaf yellowing and reduced yields. Plants become weak and susceptible to disease. Like aphids, whiteflies secrete honeydew,
so leaves maybe sticky or covered with a black sooty mold. They are also responsible for transmitting
several plant viruses. These insects multiply very fast, so try to
control them before reproduction starts. The good news is that they tend to move rather
slowly and aphid control is relatively easy. Commonly Affected Plants include Tomatoes,
Bell Peppers, Eggplant, Okra, Hibiscus, Cabbage and many others. To control or eliminate these pests:
1. First and foremost Solution is start with
blowing off these bugs with your garden watering hose or spray gun with pressure. This will cause them to scatter and sometimes
completely eliminate them in one shot. 2. Second Solution is, spray your leaves with
a home made solution prepared by mixing 1 teaspoon of liquid detergent or dish washing
liquid into 1 litre of water and spray and coat the plant thoroughly, be sure to spray
the undersides of leaves. Only spray plants when temperatures are cooler�such
as late in the day, as heat may cause an adverse reaction in your plant. Follow this after 12 hours or for few consecutive
days if necessary. till everything looks cleaned. 3. Neem Oil � this is a pure organic remedy
if available and completely safe to use particularly if your vegetable plants are infested. You can make a solution of 2 tablespoon mixed
in 1 litre of water and thoroughly coat the plant including the underside of the leaves
and repeat after 2 � 3 days again. 4. Natural Predators: Keeping natural predators
around will prevent whiteflies from ever exploding in population. These are Ladybugs, spiders, lacewing larvae,
and dragonflies. Hummingbirds are another natural predators. 5. Traps like those commercially available like
Stick a Fly Yello Trap � link given in description or you can make your own cards coated with
one half of petroleum jelly and a soap detergent mixed and applied on boards painted with bright
yellow color, because these bugs are attracted to yellow. Then as usual coming to the BONUS TIP: If
everything else fails and your whitefly population is persistent, you can use a handheld vacuum
cleaner carefully every few days to remove them from your plants. Well, If you have some more tips for controlling
these pests? Let us know below in the comments section! Please give a thumbs up to this video if you
like it and share it. See you in my next episode and bye for now!