Reading and understanding pesticide labels
are very important. There are several aspects of the label that you might not be familiar
with and I’d like to clarify those today. There’s some acronyms that the manufacturers
use and the the first one of those is the personal protective equipment which is abbreviated
as PPE. and generally the personal protective equipment listed in the label includes: a
long sleeve shirt, long pants, shoes, socks, chemically resistant gloves, and safety glasses.
The reason that that information is in the label is to help protect you from being exposed
to that particular product. The second area that I’d like to clarify is REI, which is
restricted entry interval. And that’s the amount of time that needs to elapse before
you can go back into the treated area, or your pets can go back into the treated area
without the proper protective equipment that’s recommended in the label. The third area that
I’d like to touch on is the pre-harvest interval abbreviated in the label as PHI. The pre-harvest
interval is the amount of time that must pass between the point where you applied the product
and the point where you can actually harvest it and eat that particular item. If you have
areas of the label that still need clarified please contact your local Extension office.
This is Jeff Edwards, for the University of Wyoming Extension, From the Ground Up.