(singing) I’m gonna pack my bag I’m gonna be by the river (singing) early early in the morning well yeahh I I started working in the fields at the age of 6 every day the crop dusters will come over and they will spray you. sometimes you do this your clothes soaking wet We’d be in the fields and have a plane spraying down there with him is me matter what happens 1 1111 get up
to let me see them Memphis busy learning but none of them I
am i dun but I one of the important that I love
that but when will the Galleon and did allow timely some is and Damian nobody’s and Oriental their the book they’re being exposed every day to the
witch’s brew up toxins these chemicals were invented during the second world war as
a nerve gas by the Nazis to use against people and it was only after the war was
realize that these chemicals that would kill people can also kill in Salem and there’s a
long long list health problems there was a home the Environmental Protection Agency is
estimated at 20,000 farmworkers every year get pesticide
poisoning that doesn’t include all the farmworkers
who will then have health problems fire 10 twenty years down the line every
day mp3 recesses never make you sleeping
alone as a farm worker union who was you could total you clean speaking
peacekeepers between mine could he make too much noise %um John yet to accept the treatment are you
completely good cases a human farmworker pesticide
poisoning causation is almost impossible to prove how do you
do that you can’t give methyl bromide to half a group of
experimental human subjects and keep it away from the
other half it you know you can’t conduct
experiments like that but you can ask questions like why a particular group of people no have
been exposed her sides are showing symptoms endocrine problems
cans reproductive problems all these have
been linked in animal studies to various pesticides
while the impact of pesticides on human beings is difficult to prove their impact on the environment is
obvious in the forties and fifties like populism creamier bass fishing league but in 1943
began growing crops here and course in the nineteen forties
fifties and sixties the use some of the worst pesticide so because I’ll farm runoff like a pop key very polluted just kept getting worse me pollution on
the lake became its most prominent feature by 1998 the lake became one of the most
toxic sites in the United States on the bridge in ecological collapse
face with little choice the government purchase the land from
the farmers for over 100 million dollars in order to begin the massive cleanup
process handed a massive the game how’s your day with its games their chicken and tell us that combine arms treaty
that same car you know how they do ass a bad
anything in there with their car I am panicking season now sits in a no more found that
they actually they’re closed the bomb farmworkers were the big losers and Lake Park of they spent several
million dollars looking into the alligators reproductive
problems they spent millions of dollars on
one-room Howell birds died not a cent for the
workers who were getting cancer who were every birth defects I’m were developing all sorts of
diseases wouldn’t pesticides coach and the final insult
was half a million dollars was put in the
state budget for a little common to help these 2500 people and Governor
Scott be done so they’re back to square one they’re sick they’re getting elderly
then every year that goes by the problem unfortunately get smaller
just buy a trip it just mom make you little Salaam at the port now in my life who I
don’t believe what you do. homsy you keep the
inducibility just to get disability we had hoped to
get some justice for the farmworkers but right now I think what the community would like to see is to have their
legacy remembered to validate their experience validate
their place in history the new think you very much speaker and Co pounder at the
congressional out of poverty caucus I rise today to recognize Linda Lee and
geraldine man here these extraordinary women are among a
group a farm worker’s in Florida now these
workers are suffering from an array of diseases that have been linked to
long-term pesticide exposure although these women are desperately
seeking some really and good health what they asked for more
than anything else is their dignity I would therefore offer my profound earnest gratitude to
these incredible women to their community answer farmworkers
across the country for there’s truly are the hands the PTS
thank you and I i thank you by at least be moment for the african-american women farm workers in the state line I mean all my life I’ll idea while morton and I have no problem at home style sanitarium who out that the people as late as levy 0 they know that they might not get any compensation they might not get any help in their
lifetimes but they wanna see things change for future generations I admire them tremendously I think Betty
inland geraldine hearings and p my my