Do Pesticides cause harm to human health? And if so,what are the harmful effects of pesticides to human health? The answer is coming up next, so stick around. Welcome back. I’m Dr Joe of Right, the question is: do pesticides pose a threat to human health? The answer to that question is: Yes, they do! They do pose a threat to human health. Se we’re talking about The harmful effects of pesticides to human health So, let’s go First thing you should know is pesticides are designed to kill That’s the name of the game The only thing is: they are not designed to kill humans, they are designed to kill pests So, any harm to human health is a collateral damage. It’s unintended But it mustn’t be ignored because it is real I have a story. I’ve had a personal experience with this. I used to buy a particular product I was using it for about 6 months or thereabout and I discovered that I was having this Jabbing pain on my left arm. Jabbing pain and I also had loss of sensation to a certain nerve distribution area Doctors will know what I am talking about on my left arm as well And i couldn’t figure out what the problem was But I suspected that it was a particular food that I was eating and I did all sorts of things. Nothing worked and my suspicion grew and in the end I decided to eliminate that food and within 4 weeks, it took a while within about 4 weeks the symptoms were completely gone. they were gone You might say, maybe it was just a coincidence Well, I thought so too. So, I re-introduced the food back into my diet and what happened? The symptoms were back within 2 weeks of re-starting the food, so, it was obvious that some of the pesticides in that food were causing the problem because they were causing me a neurological problem and in the end I stopped using that food product and that’s it, I’ve not had any problems with it again So, that’s just one proof Now, in actual fact, the WHO, World Heath Organisation actually estimates that; there are 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning a year in the world 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning in a year all over the world Indeed WHO also thinks that there are 18,000 deaths annually as a result of pesticide poisoning or pesticide use, as it were all over the world. Okay, so it is not a joke. It’s for real Now, who is at risk? The question is: who’s at risk? Everyone, everyone We all eat, don’t we? So, everyone is at risk However, Children in particular are more at risk Why is this? It’s because kids are smaller in size they consume the same things that we eat relatively in terms of size and volume the pesticide will be concentrated in children compared to an adult because of their small size So, that’s the background to what I’m going to talk about So the next thing we’re going to talk about now is: What are the actual symptoms and some of the harmful effects that you actually experience if you are having a pesticide-related issue I’ve just given you an example of my own experience so, I’m going to talk about what happens in the general population. That’s next So what are the harmful effects of pesticides to human health? well, it’s a laundry list a laundry list but these are some of the symptoms that I will just mention in this video Memory loss, okay, memory loss Sometimes you might have problems with your memory. It might be due to the use of pesticides Altered mood, alright. You may be having problems with depression, anxiety or you just feel generally low for no reason. You have to think about pesticides that are in your food Poor concentration, poor concentration. that’s another. Problems with your vision, problems with your vision. You might have problems with your vision and also poor co-ordination That’s another symptom that you may experience when you use food produce with lots of pesticides in them Then the more serious conditions will include things like Asthma Allergies. You know sometimes people develop allergies for no reason It’s probably because they’ve been eating foods contaminated with pesticides Hormonal disturbance, hormonal disturbance alright under-active thyroid. Some of these pesticides may interfere with thyroid function Fertility problems In particular in men What happens is that; pesticides can cause a reduction in Sperm count Reduction in sperm count as well as abnormal sperms. So, you have a huge concentration of abnormal sperms because of consumption of pesticides in your food. And what happens as a result of all of these Birth defects You can have children with birth defects Now, the more serious one This is the one that concerns us, the most and that is It’s been implicated. Cancer, alright ,cancer It could be a problem. In particular, blood cancers Lymphomas and Leukemias These are the more serious ones Yes, some people will argue that there’s no definite causal relationship between the use of pesticides and some of these conditions that I mentioned Well, that may be true but we’re never gonna get there because you cannot have Randomised Controlled Trials that you give one group food produce loaded with pesicides then another group food produce without pesticides That would be unethical to do, so we’re never gonna get studies like that So, we’ll have to make do with observational studies The link is there The next question is; what can you do to reduce your risk or your exposure to pesticides You might talk about buying organic produce but the problem with organic produce is that; they are not always available sometimes when you want them and also as you know they’re very expensive and more importantly if you watch my video where we talked about “The Dirty Dozen” The Environmental Working Group actually pointed out that in some of the organic produce, there were pesticides in them So, you’re not exactly escaping pesticide use when you buy organic produce But I have a little trick It’s in one of my next videos It talks about a little trick a little technique that I use to reduce my exposure You may need to watch it if you’re interested and also don’t forget to subscribe if you like this video. 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