as Tiffany and a year old girls playing in the garden she sees her mother spraying DDT to get rid of all the insects Tiffany begins to lecture her mother and how pvt affects the environment negativity I’m spraying DDT how dare you you’re hurting inside these insects are hurting our agriculture bar eating our veggies implants is this also killing our insects too does it help resolve your problem tiffany is starts laying around or does it look like I’m joking but that’s my bunnies there was a joke no this only affects the infant no it doesn’t it affects everyone even up who do you think who you think you are why are you today BBC well they think they’re cool enough for supposedly killing the insects for a better environment I don’t understand x-wing month they think that they are doing it for a better environment since CDC has the time stay healthy it also to read / infants Tiffany I know it’s hard to see the insect style and I know you like playing them what with them while your bill to your sandcastle but don’t you prefer to eat healthy food exactly it’s hard putting in putting this into consideration but these insects not only contacted into our group is good for the also girl are you talking about your wife yes termite inside to fight our wedding home x rays another thing well how can insects adjuster my 5-wood well termites actually they go into our house and eat the wood so the DDT affects the air and their environment the house could be fixed easily well I’m sorry next time you tell me to stop doing something I will sexercise are bad for the planet you want to live longer with infant you get with everything else