You greet in the caverns you got
down to level 50 it’s still springtime you’re gonna love those tundra boots by
the way I’ve been playing I’ve been playing stardew valley for the last week
I’m obsessed with it great my progress has been saved what’s going on boys and
girls what’s up we’re all the Austin John plays here and today we’re gonna be
talking about the brand new update for Super Smash Brothers ultimate version
2.0 with piranha plant so as of right now Tuesday January 29th
a p.m. Eastern Standard Time or any time you’re watching this video in the future
piranha plant is now playable in Super Smash Brothers ultimate in order to
download the update for Super Smash Brothers ultimate you do need to update
your switch to the newest firmware I believe it’s one point seven one point
seven sounds right yeah let’s go ahead and update Super Smash Brothers via the
internet currently on one point two point one I think I missed some stuff
I’ve been away for a week and a half and there we go currently downloading let me
go grab my game cartridge wait for this to download and let’s boot it up do keep
in mind in order to get piranha plant in your game for free right now you have to
register your game before February 1st at midnight Pacific Standard Time and
that way you’re gonna be able to get piranha plan now do keep in mind that it
can take up to 10 days to get your redemption code if you bought a physical
copy of the game you sure to check your spam folder a whole bunch of stuff I
actually already made a video on everything you need to do in order to
get ready for this exact moment there will be a card in the top right corner
later in the video as well as the end screen if you did not purchase Super
Smash Brothers ultimate and redeem your code before February 1st at midnight
being meaning like the first minute of February and then as long as you redeem
it before the last minute of January ends you should be fine but as far as
that goes as long as you redeem it before February you’re fine if you do
not that does not mean that you’re completely out of luck you still can get
piranha plant in your game he is going to be available at a later point in time
via purchased DLC I’m pretty sure everyone who wants to have Smash
ultimate already has smash ultimate right right right piranha plant joins the battle there you
go just like that soon as you start up the game he’s unlocked version 2.0 2.0
is now live you could confirm your current version by clicking the upper
right corner of the title screen for more details select details let’s check
out the details cuz none of you are gonna read the details offline you can
now play spirit board with up to 4 players that’s pretty neat
select the spirit you want to challenge on the spirit board and then go to party
fighter and select the number of people who want to play that’s pretty neat the
below spirits will now appear in the shop partner Pikachu partner Eevee nice
those were previously exclusive – if you played let’s go Pikachu and let’s go
Eevee dice block River survival golden – mushroom oh nice those are all from
other Nintendo games there’s also that an adjustment to the calculation method
for gulp global smash power which is pretty neat as the DLC fighter piranha
plant that’s why you all click this video pressing both jump buttons at the
same time will now cause you to do a short hop oh that’s pretty helpful fix
the issue where the kale score included your teammates chaos when the team
attack was on berries bug fixes so on and so forth
let’s do piranha plant reminder early purchase bonus we already know about
this and I already talked about it in the video
oh there we go neat unlock challenge the spirit board with up to 4 players
there he is piranha plant I think I missed some Dark Samus and some other
people huh alright so this game I’ve been actually
slacking is available in red green and yellow yellow and white purple and white
black and white white and grey purple and white with a slight pink hue to the
lips are they lips I don’t know blue and white with yellow leaves and original
oh I like the way like the way Xander says that it’s alright so piranha plant
when he walks you can see actually little stems pop out of the bottom when
that’s pretty neat B shoots out a spiny ball and then if you hold B it can
actually be spinning in the air that’s pretty neat
this is just straight up like a Super Mario Brothers obstacle and then you
spit it back out what if you’re not there oh and you can throw it at people regular jab oh I like the new short hop
command so down B apparently you’re gonna charge and then okay that’s a
little bit of a game changer so when do you do downbeat and release hit it shoot
straight up or you can actually tilt where you’re gonna be gonna be escaping
from Wow alright that’s some hefty damage right
there up be turned into a whirly copter and forward B so the poison bubble does
a healthy amount of damage but there’s no launch to it 186 Wow
that was stupid amount of damage he’s at 242 did you see that that’s over 50
damage in a single attack that’s insane that is so nuts as smash attack he turns
it to a bouldery guy and the up B is a little bite in the air I like that it
looks pretty ferocious so yeah there we go
piranha plant is now available for super smash brothers ultimate as long as
you’ve already registered the game wow that is some fantastic recovery you see
that that is nice here’s a really high hop yeah that is
definitely enough to be off of the board I can’t wait to see all the people on
Twitter who gonna be doing like crazy combos with like him being able to like
up attack tilt attack love it guys piranha plant is now in the
game be sure to use it be sure to make a meme of it neck till next time
Austin John out