– [Steve] When I was
little, I used to spend time between where I was born,
which was Welch, West Virginia and Cleveland, Ohio. During the summers I used
to go back and work the farm with my grandfather. My grandfather was a really hard worker ’cause all he did was farming. This is how farming taught
me to become successful. He taught me how to plow behind a mule, and when you plow, you tillin’ up dirt to create like a trench in the ground, and this dirt would come up on each side. You was creatin’ those trenches ’cause you had to put seeds in the ground. The seeds, little did I know, was the beginning of everything. The seed. In real life, when I
put seeds in the ground, these are my dreams, my visions, my hopes, my aspirations. I will plant ’em all in the ground. I don’t care what they are, you can start off wanting a bike, you can start out wanting to
get in shape, one day graduate, maybe you wanna climb
the corporate ladder, whatever your seeds are, you start puttin’ ’em in the ground. Now in life, it may take
you, let’s say a year, a year goin’ up, another year comin’ back, until I’ve got about
five, six, seven years in. Now, what has happened, the first row that I started plantin’ the seeds in, well, some activity has started now. Now those seeds are starting
to sprout through the ground, and what you wanna do in life is you wanna continually plant seeds. Ah, after some years go by, you look back and those sprouts have started to come up, so now you gotta go back and you gotta continually water ’em. Then you just keep the process goin’. Where you look back, and those
sprouts, they now stalks, but now you gotta protect ’em. You been nurturin’ ’em with the dirt, puttin’ the nutrients on ’em, you been puttin’ water on ’em. You not only protectin’ ’em
from birds in the beginning, which birds eat seeds,
but now you got insects that come that wanna eat
your crop, your product. Those insects in real life,
they’re called haters. If you keep the faith,
if you keep prayin’, you steady goin’ back
puttin’ seeds in the new row, eventually, that row that
you started 10 years ago, something that has sprouted
has now become a stalk. And now it’s starting
to have corn come on it. Now what you don’t wanna do is go back and just start eating corn,
because you don’t have enough to sustain you yet. You wanna let your crops grow to where the corn is big enough. So you can’t harvest
every year, not always. Sometimes it’ll show up in a year. Sometimes you won’t
harvest for five years. You’re never given a time table for when your dreams and your visions and everything you worked
for is gonna come to pass. You don’t get that given to you. Sometimes a whole crop get wiped out ’cause you got a drought. See, if you forget to
go back and nurture ’em, if you forget that haters don’t matter, that you gotta keep prayin’ and workin’, you gotta keep plowin’ the field, you gotta keep goin’ back and forth. Because one year you
gonna get plenty of rain, and that crop is gonna grow
up and become the big stalks and have the fruit, or
the crops that you wanted. But you gotta also understand that it could get wiped out. Sometimes there’s too much rain, that’s how life happens to you. But you got to keep plowin’ and plantin’. And you learn as you get older how to fertilize and nurture your dreams. One day, if you keep plowin’, all of a sudden you look
up and you go, “Oh, man. “What I have forgot has now come to pass. “I look back and I got
a field full of crops.” Well now you can harvest now. Now you got something to take to the bank. Somebody say, “You know what? “This kid plows so good, “let me give him the money for a tractor.” You ain’t got a mule no
more, you got a tractor. And if you keep plowin’ and
the crops keep comin’ up, somebody gonna say, “Hey, man, “you got enough money you
done made off the harvest, “you can hire some people.” And now you got some two, three tractors goin’ up and down the field. And you got crews of people that you pay, that plant for you, that rake for you, that cover for you,
that fertilize for you, that watch the haters,
that watch the pesticides. Then you got people in your
life to start prayin’ for ya and pullin’ for ya. And next thing you know, you gotta a full-fledged farm goin’. You have employees. All of a sudden you got
people cheerin’ for you. (people cheering) So you just keep goin’. I have produced people around me who have learned how to farm themself, and they go, “Hey, Mr. Harvey, “I wanna break out on my
own and start my own farm.” Well, I’ve showed you how I
work, good luck to you, son. Go over there and make
it happen for yourself. And so my whole objective into life has been to plow, to nurture, to seed, to protect, to fertilize, to pray, to motivate, I become
the person you see today. And even today, I’m still plowin’, ’cause you never know, after
six decades of plowin’, I gotta a pretty big
field and you will, too. (slow soft music)