Hello my name is Katie Rushworth and today
I am going to take you around this typical English country garden and show you some of
my favourite plants that can be used in any kind of garden design. This is a wonderful
little plant, Erigeron Karvinskianus and it has self seeded here from one plant that will
have been put in the border and I couldn’t think of anything prettier to self seed amongst
these steps. It will flower for at least 8 months of the year and the flowers change
colour, so they start white and fade to pink so it is a delightful thing to put in your
garden and fuss free. It is no maintenance, it requires a sunny spot like this and it
will just continue to look pretty for pretty much most of the year. This wonderful tree
is Cornus Controversa Veriegata, and the variegata just means it has these variegated leaves
which are green and cream. A common name for it is a wedding cake tree, and that is because
of these wonderful tiered effects and you can see it is getting a new tier up there.
It has these lovely upright facing flowers which are brilliant for pollination access
so the bees and butterflies and things can get to them really easily. And when all the
leaves drop off in the winter time I would be tempted to cover the whole thing in fairy
lights giving you an instant Christmas tree. I love the way that this meadow has been integrated
into the garden, and they have done that by just mowing neatly right up to the edge of
it giving it kind of a frame if you like or a border, and it has got some lovely things
in it. It has this buttercup, an oxeye daisy which is ever so pretty, and then this pink
flower called ragged robin which is a native species. And there will be tonnes of butterflies
and bees on this over the summer, and it really is quite delightful. It has a lovely movement
to it. I would recommend anybody to try and have a go at growing wild flowers in their
garden. This amazing plant is a Gunnera and it is an absolute beast, it loves to be by
the water, it likes it’s roots to be nice and damp and it gives you these huge leaves.
These can get up to eight foot tall and are big enough to stand underneath. Really exciting
to children, they look totally jurassic and I just love them. This Iris is absolutely
stunning, the colour and the texture. And if you look inside it has a bright yellow
landing strip directing the bee to where the pollon is inside. It is a beautiful plant,
now Iris’ grow from a rhyzome which is in the ground and that needs to be exposed and
on the top of the soil and the reason being is because that needs to be baked by the sun
and the more heat that contains the more flowers that you will get during the year. Hedges
are a great way to divide a large garden, and they kind of create a room within a room
if you like. This yew is brilliant because you can trim it at any time of year apart
form the winter. You could do it with hedge cutters or by hand, and it will give you three
hundred and sixty five days of evergreen. Now this Choisya is a great shrub, and one
I often use in garden design. It is really useful for a darker corner because it has
these glossy leaves that will reflect the light, and these white flowers which will
kind of illuminate the whole space so a really good shrub to use. Now this is one of my favourite
plants and I grow it in my own garden, Stipa gigantea. It is a grass and it is really useful
for a dry spot and also it is brilliant to use at the front of a border because the plumes
come up like big wands like this you can still see through it to the plants at the back.
Here they have used one on either side of the paths to really lead you through the space,
and if you plant it in a west facing area it catches the evening sun and these all shimmer
like gold, beautiful. For more gardening videos, check out Silverlinetools.com