put your fist down city gaming for
neighbors this is a new game the digital version is out they call it the founders
edition because it’s got like pre-release content and levels so we’re
just getting into it we’re in the plant world okay so look at all these leave
all these people see all these people Oh little steamy
what in the world see that guy that’s that’s another person in the world like
these are all people playing this game that’s your guy that you like the one
that just sits there and bargains out the purple stuff that we’re gonna call
him fungus far yeah there’s fungus part with a wig on yeah okay got a town
center and this is a changing booth okay she got chopper kernel corn night cap
Snapdragon cactus doing the robot sucker on a corn sunflower and rose but you
like nightcap right because he look at his dirty britches he dipped his
britches in the toilet he’s like a little mushroom ninja don’t
you call him okay so we’re gonna go over here and we’re gonna in Toronto see he’s
got these little that’s pretty cool okay but we’re gonna
explore this game a little bit more if you guys want us to and you can comment
below tell us what aspects of the game you want to see I don’t know what just
happened let’s hit this and we’re gonna prove there’s two so this is a 24 player
player versus player battle this is team vanquish compete in an 8 versus 8 player
versus player battle to vanquish your opponents and be the first to reach 50
vanquishes for the win you do that yeah let’s try both of these we’re gonna do
team vanquish and turf takeover so we just changed the portal okay
and the world is going crazy over here this is like fortnight for plants vs.
zombies finding the best match yes okay so they just dropped us into the world
we are plants right and it looks like we’ve already got four spills that’s good
progress and zombies just got two rills run run into the battle load yourself I
think what just in the world run – let’s do it up top oh that’s our guys pea
shooter there there there John exactly oh cool
now you got a rainbow helmet where are you going you’ve got to go to the left
and get involved in the fight waterfall can you revive him here bye bye alright
nice we’re doing our part buddy very cool
pick aliens to the right blood world you’re gonna make me crazy there you go
there you go there you go let’s do it there we go get in that battle Super
zombie got you hello crazy Dave just said it’s halfway over
because we’ve got 25 hits you’ve gotta keell oh and you got kilt
that’s Frank Bassam B I like him I don’t think his name is Frank it looks like I
keelled someone that’s gonna very nice on our way to 50 we get 50 we get a win
here save there little buddy nice Oh Frank got you again Hades ran around oh hello oh he’s
reviving you Frank’s gonna be mad zombies gonna be man let’s go get him
call that guy team up with me team up with Big Big Bob the tree up top up top you have special moves that special
moves see it only tend to go up but my victory dance
leotard put on his victory dance leotard there
there yes you’re special well what is your special
you just like blew the whole thing purple I why let’s do it
respawn 47 more wins we got it Bank what excuse me vanquishes so I
won’t play the next round okay and I’m gonna be team zombie and I’m gonna play
a spring who you are yes nice if those guys get those guys over there
to get okay up there up there special nice one
are those plants those plans one more one more the meter went away we
won good job good job you contributed in our first 8v8
match yay so now we’re gonna go over to the turf take over okay our teams I’m
gonna change teams okay John so joins the zombies look it’s a propaganda
poster for zombie BPD’s they’re recruiting nice multiplayer portal turf
take over turf take over is where we complete different tasks right in order
to get the win y’all watch my plant keelling skills you know I’ve keelled very
many plants in my day yeah actually he yes in my office that was dead yes in
that Petrie I always forget to water your plants wait a minute no I don’t
you’re still gonna be free let’s do super zombie okay so I’ve got to capture
the Udo taco okay I can only fly for just a little
ways you don’t play in the sprinkler No okay oh okay uh is it is this one
keell I’m spilling a lot people oh you got keelled mother mushroom yeah he’s gonna
Noman his head why is this mine what do I need to do here oh never know who’s
who where’s the plants okay there we go
yes you didn’t kill him though well they’re a corns dad yeah all right so we need to we need to
get those out of that area that’s what’s happening and the longer it’s just the
zombies in there longer they have control of that the further the purple
meaner yo oh look at the shield nice defense they’re surrounding the base
come on I want to be crazy pirate zombie okay here we go I’m hiding in the barrel I just lit
myself on fire I’m crazy selfie we die okay so now
we’re trying to capture the museum and the museum is on the mat marker here we
go now what’s this now boom it’s just terrible that guy whose
ball star I’m coming fellas I’m gonna help you with magic cannon he’s on your
team thank you this is better now I’m making progress
okay what is this raise zombie help us little zombie boy little baby zombies Oh him is he on our team nope
boom I just did a tackle he’s not embarrassing it’s very embarrassing
subs happening so fast aren’t even know who this who there’s one keell them man cool Frank suppose to you never yeah bye Chomper I keeled that guy
before it’s gusting look at the snot hanging out you overtime we’re in
overtime all right does that mean why are we in overtime I guess that means we
get a little bit chance go go go go get in there and launch a special attack diarrhea just happened there you go yeah
they’re nice get them zombies out of there I always do better I do better we
move the purple meter a little bit yeah hey Smitty lock down Oh moving that
purple meter I’ll get rid of that guy they’re telling you launch launched that
special move he’s gone Oh big roller Oh he’s got a little yeah laser gun whoo
you gonna go around the corner that’s a good strategy
yeah this is how I keel someone yeah they don’t see Kim there you go there
you go come from the side yeah good job get that get that guy good good you got oh yeah no he turned
his he turned his shield to you he ate you fast what happened to the overtime
meter I don’t know oh man we lost weight so we got to
zombie flags in to plant flags I’m still lost
yeah cuz we we didn’t catch on the museum all right well they had to be all
Z you got two big wishes who vanquishes okay three in all dude three in all I
believe you I believe you good job so you like this game yeah I
like it too hey so we are thinking about doing a
fool multiplayer family battle three
different screens so if you want to see that please comment below and ring the
bell to get notified when we upload it we’re gonna teach mom city how to play
this and maybe Ava will see you next time while kids any game it