All insects are important in their own way. Specifically for pollination they are insects with a diet based on nectar and pollen. So they’re generally families, butterflies, “bombus,” known as bumblebees, the bombus terrestris. What’s happening is that we’re having to raise these insects artificially, because nature isn’t sustainable. The environment has become unsustainable for these insects because nature cannot hold them, It doesn’t offer them a friendly space.The country is aggressive with the insect. And nature is a chain, we’re all connected to each other, when we cut the link the chain is altered. Herbicides causes all possible collateral damage, then and to come, first it kills what’s called weeds. But they’re weeds for a monoculture farmer, to him weeds are bad. But not for nature, it doesn’t have the concept that weeds are bad, all nature does is good, nature is wise. So, if it was there, it was for a reason. Any herb, however small, it’s holding the soil down firmly to the ground. If I remove the weeds from around my crop, the rain and wind will take away the top soil, and later I´ll depend on pesticides and fertilizers, which I would have gotten naturally from a fertile layer of the soil (with weeds). All the pollinators that ate from this green layer or weeds, from this layer of flowers, are also going to die because they have no food. Killing the pollinator also kills that who the pollinator feeds, in other words, I´m cutting all the chains, both in the plant and insect world. It’s a total imbalance in the chain, everywhere. As a result, we have flooding, because the top soil works as a vegetal sponge that absorbs humidity. It’s happening to us in America and in Argentina. All the deforestation in the Amazon that before absorbed tropical rain now isn’t absorbing it. That water is traveling down the Parana River and triggering floods. It’s all a chain. One says nothing is going to happen for killing an herb. A minimal imbalance. The ecological mess they provoque is monumental. There are few pollinators left. Furthermore, new technologies and the direction big companies are moving is toward not needing plants. They genetically modify plants to control the the food chain. They’re going to sell the seed and one will depend on them. In other words, they don´t want pollinators competing with their seeds. They want your seeds to not need a pollinator. The man who plays God is wrong, always. If the insect was in nature it’s for a reason. It plays its role in nature. There are technologies that were said to be so safe that the laboratory’s GMO seed would not mutate in nature. But you have an example in México of amaranth. Soy GMO technology has passed to the amaranth, and amaranth has become resilient to glyphosate weed killer. In other words, we don´t have to play with nature. We don’t need to start playing God. There’s a reason pollinators existed. There’s a reason why pollen were there. There’s a reason why plants cross and hybridize. They become resistant. One can’t play with nature. The solution is return to convert the environment into what it was : a sustainable environment where life is friendly with the environment and the environment with life. What’s happening is we’re beekeeping from penthouses on New York’s 5th Avenue because it’s friendlier there than the countryside. Does this make any sense? That New York, with its pollution, is friendlier to a bee than a prairie? That a prairie has more garbage and more chemicals than 5th Avenue in the U.S. It’s incredible but that’s the way it is. I mean, a bee lives at the Paris opera. We have hives on the terraces of Versalles Palaces, and they live there perfectly well. That same beehive, I take it to a farm crop and it dies because they’re in contact with herbicides, with neonicotinoids or insecticides It’s exactly the opposite of what they taught us as children. As kids they told us let’s go to the countryside to live in nature, be in touch with it. Now nature is hostile with humans, with insects, with everyone. It´s against all logic. It’s incredible. That’s how they persuade rural people to move to the big city. We’ll live better there than in the countryside. So we have overpopulated cities with people living poorly. Herded. Sick. Psychologically and physically ill. We have unpopulated countrysides. Entire towns where there are no schools because there are no kids. Where the only things left are three seniors and a cow. It makes no sense what we’re doing. we have such a rich world that could sustain us all and we’re making it hostile. It´s incredible.