Hello Hello Hi, thanks for tuning into the power raking video now you can’t call this power and some people call it roto raking and then of course, it’s the Reality is it’s thatching and you could call that dethatching But whatever it is, we’re pulling dead grass out of the lawn. This could be done any time of year Personally as a landscaper. I find it easier to do it in a spring because there’s no less grass. There’s just less Healthy green grass for the power rake to get into the grass is still a little dormant in the spring And you I find you can really pull that thatch out, which is really just the brown dead grass the thatch doesn’t make great compost as it breaks down in your lawn and Remember that thatch is completely different the grass clipping grass clippings that you mulch and chop up fine Break down pretty well and are great for the soil. Where’s that’s longer than dead Coarse blades of grass never really break down and it’s not it doesn’t make for good soil doesn’t make for good Compost and we want to get that out. I like to thatch right after you have aerated the plugs from the aerator are on the lawn and this breaks it all up and it’s the plugs plus the Thatching make for a great top dressing and just a great way to start the spring Let’s look at the machine now. There’s lots of ways to rake your lawn The power rake is just one way a little tool you put on your rotary lawnmower Kinda it looks like this and It works great. If I’m better, it’s just is a little slower. You got to be a little more careful This can really scalp your life. Not that you’ll see it Midsummer, but while you’re doing it, do you got to be careful? And of course? This works just as good it is a lot of work though. So the rotor rake the power rake the Thatcher the power Thatcher is gonna be your easiest and quickest option You’ve all seen one of these work They’re pulling out the dead grass Keep it keep it up. Keep it up And we got all this thatch Looks like a mouse nest But this is what we’re trying to get rid of But this is a lot of work All these power rakes are gonna work pretty similar you want to ensure your fuels on You want full throttle for this full bunny rabbit? Course turn it on if it’s cold, you’re gonna need choke and if it’s a Briggs and Stratton engine You’re gonna have to pull it a lot of times Let’s see how she goes (first pull! Great success!) Now we’re going handheld here we’re gonna look under the machine you want to be a little careful the way you tip your machine over So that you don’t get oil spilling out Like this of the carbonator, so I’m we’re gonna look we’re going to tip it up and just have a quick look under this machine and it’s super heavy and hopefully you can see teeth Now these just fly around in a rotary motion kind of like, you know a rotary rake I guess but and it just hammers the living life under the grass and What’s what you’re seeing what’s going on there? So anything in its path is gonna get pulled out You want to set your teeth? Just so no doubt if we’re gonna see anything here You want to set your teeth? Just so it’s making contact with the soil You know, which is really the I guess the thatch layer hopefully you’re seeing it So I’m gonna set this. I mean I got mine set on to every machine is gonna be different I’m gonna set it a little bit lower just so I’m making good contact know if it’s really making a lot of racket and Digging into the lawn and the dirt too much you could always raise it up, but you want to make it as low as possible Till it’s looking good and making good contact and pulling out lots of grass Without completely scalping the lawn of course and that’s gonna each machine is going to be different. Each long is going to be different Now once you pull this handle Those blades those tines are gonna start going around and this thing will dig itself to the center of the earth. So When you pull that you have to be ready to go you have to walk with it Now we can see what we’re left with and you’re just still gonna have to rake up this thatch and I set mine pretty low and You can see what it did it. It definitely was making contact with the ground It could be too low for some people but I this is how I like mine you can set yours up how ever you’re gonna set it up, but we pulled and it was just in that little strip a massive amount of thatch Now what we’re left with is something that might look a little thin to you if you remember grass grows from below the surface and You can grass is one of the only plants you can burn and it comes back and then years ago they used to burn the grass to burn the lawns and It would come back super super green and you met remember maybe even seeing this in a field Where there’s a bit there’s a bit of a grass fire and a couple weeks after it comes back. Super green This is the same idea. We’re getting rid of the top dead and this lawn will come back super super green Alright, thanks for watching my power raking video You may be watching this after my aerating video or you may be watching it first If not, go back watch my aerating video, see how I did that if you’ve watched some both Thanks a lot and good Luck with your lawn. It’s still a lot of work. But for me, this is the best Value for the lawn for the work involved you get the best results and you see these results immediately I do this every year You’re not killing the grass. You’re not pulling it out. I Really think there’s a huge benefit to this again. You can do it anytime you want Best time for me where I live is in the spring, but do what works best for you? Thanks for watching if you have any comments if I missed anything in the Comments. Thanks a lot