For the procedure in rice farming, both irrigated and rain area, The most important thing when we drain water into a rice field is to hit the soft mud and make it smooth for making mire. we will use this benzene machine which has 30-40 HP (Horse Power). Its name is ROTARY which has a long tube that looks like PVC pipe. Sometimes we call JOBMHUN (Thai language). It has also a rotating shaft which clutches soil together. This part looks like a shaft with the shape of “L”. It is operated by a PTO shaft. While this machine is working, this long tube will take the soil in to the body of the machine to mix the soil. This machine seems big but at present it is regarded as a small machine. And this is the wheel which prevents the machine from getting trapped or it is called “TEENPED”. When the machine moves ahead, this feet (rotating shaft), the driver will drive through the paddy field to make the area smooth and clear. Let’s see and demonstrate it. Do you see? the tractor will gradually pave the land until it is smooth. If somewhere is high, it will pave the soil into the lower area to make it smooth thoroughly.