In this segment we’re going to learn about
another optional feature that is available on most common spray heads. This feature is
called a SAM which stands for either Stop-A-Matic or Seal-A-Matic. This feature is designed
to help prevent low head drainage where you have elevation changes. The Stop-A-Matic is
a check valve in the bottom of the head which when the head retracts when the irrigation
cycle is finished, it seals off the bottom of the sprinkler head trapping the water in
the line despite the fact that you have elevation changes.
In our mock demonstration we have created an artificial elevation change and used some
oversized PVC pipe to demonstrate the feature of the SAM check valve. In this case we have
a spray head operating without the SAM check valve installed. When we turn the water off,
you’ll see how much water continues to leak out over a period of time due to low head
drainage. This is water that’s just wasted and causes premature wear and tear on the
sprinkler pipe, fittings and sprinkler heads themselves. You can see this head is still
leaking. Now we’re going to swap out the sprinkler
head, the standard sprinkler head that does not have the optional SAM check valve in it
for a sprinkler head that’s indicated that it does have the SAM check valve then we’ll
repeat the process. Now, we’re installing the spray head that has the optional SAM feature.
We’ll repeat the test. Here we have the spray head that has the optional SAM feature. We’ve
turned the water on only long enough to fill up the pipe. Now we’re going to go ahead and
turn the water off. As we turn off the water, you’ll see the spray head pop down instantly
and no water being lost. You’ve seen for yourself how the SAM check
valve helps to eliminate low head drainage preventing all that water from being wasted.
There’s also a version of the spray head that incorporates the PRS feature. This spray head
also helps to water more efficiently by increasing the water droplets by regulating the high
inlet pressures. To learn more about our PRS units, please feel free to watch the PRS video.