My arborvitae is turning brown near the center
trunk. What should I do? And this is from Billy. And I’m sure you’ve gotten this question a
time or two. – I get it a lot. – Uh huh. – The arborvitae is an evergreen and evergreen
does have to shed its needles or its leaves, like a magnolia, or a pine tree, or an arborvitae. If, when the needles are falling off on the
interior part of the tree, that is the old growth and it’s just shedding. – Okay. – So, it’s normal. If it’s unsightly, just take it, shake the
tree a little bit or brush them off or take a water hose and wash them off and keep the
healthy tree. – For arborvitaes, too, but you know, we have
a dry winter. They do need to be watered. – During the winter? – During the winter. – We can have droughts in the winter time
as well. Just because it’s cold outside or the trees
have lost their leaves, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a drought in the winter time. – Right. – And so your plants do need watering in the
winter as well, especially when we’re anticipating a hard freeze. – That’s right. – If the weatherman says we’re gonna have
ice and snow this weekend, then give your trees a little bit of water. When we do have a drought that means that
the roots were exposed to emptiness in the soil so when you add that water to the soil,
you’re helping to prevent those shallow roots from drying out and dying.