This fall, these designs showed up in my
yard. I have never seen this before. Eventually, all the grass turned gray. What caused this?
And this is from Mr. Jimmy, right here in Shelby County. We know that Mr. Jim has never
seen that before. – I’m with you, Jimmy. – Yeah, you never seen that before coming
from south Alabama, but Walt we know what that is. – [Walter] Yes. – ‘Cause I see it in my neighborhood every
year. – Yes, frost. – It’s just frost. – [Walter] Yeah, Jack Frost. – Yeah, after the first killing frost in the
fall, you start seeing this. ‘Cause what happens is the soil, of course, is going to absorb
all of that heat and energy from the sun during the day, then at night it radiates off, you
know, through the canopy of the turf. And once it starts to do that, then these patterns
show up because there’s gonna a difference, a small difference, in the temperature in
one area of the lawn as opposed to the other area in the lawn. So, you get these patterns.
And I usually see it in situations where you have a thick, or dense, turf canopy. – [Walter] Okay. – Usually where I see it. But it’s not a problem. – [Walter] No, no. – And Chris, you know, we mentioned earlier
I think it may go back to soil types as well. Because, of course, our grass where even in
Mobile it went dormant with frost. It just turns that straw, or that gray color once
it goes into that dormancy. But it’s just a pattern that kind of threw me off, yeah.
To have some green. So, I guess with the next frost it gets the rest of it. – Oh, yeah, the next frost yeah. Jack Frost
get the rest of it. – [Jim] It gets the rest of it. – Ain’t no doubt about that. No doubt about
that. And for the most part, again, – [Jim] Yeah, interesting. – [Chris] it’ll be fine. And it usually happens
for your warm season– – [Walter] Right. – [Chris] turf. – Yes, I do not believe I’ve ever seen it
on fescue. – I’ve never seen it on fescue. Of course
I have Bermuda at home. – [Walter] Right. – My Bermuda lawn, my neighbor a couple streets
down has Zoysia. I’ve seen it in his Zoysia lawn. Real thick stand of Zoysia, but I see
it every fall after that first killing frost. And then you’re right, next frost after that… – [Walter] Yeah. – takes out the rest of it. Yeah, so it goes– – Well that was some of the coolest pictures
I’ve seen. That was a really good picture. They did a good job sending them in.