“What is the best fertlizer for the blush
nandina? I use Miracle-Gro with a little epsom salt. I noticed I had a lot of leaves dropping.” And this is from Miss Barbara, right here
in Memphis. A little epsom salt with her Miracle-Gro. – Magnesium Sulfate. – Magnesium sulfate. Whoa. – You need to do that if your soil test asks
you to do that. – IF. – And the way you answer that question, in
my opinion, is it depends on what the soil test said. – You know that’s what I was going to start
off with. – It depends on what the soil test said. Don’t just keep doing the same thing every
year. Because you’re going to build up high levels
of potassium, not potassium, phosphorus. – Phosphorus. Yeah, phosphorus is Miracle-Gro. – Right, and I don’t know what analysis of
that Miracle-Gro fertilizer is– – I don’t either. – but if the middle number is pretty high,
and you’ve done that for a long time, if you build up a very high level of phosphorus,
then it will interfere with the uptake of nutrients, and it will make the plant look
like it’s dying. And make it look bad. – And drop leaves. – Right, and drop leaves, and turn it yellow,
and all that. So I would, the magnesium sulfate, you know,
that can, I guess lower the pH, because of the presence of sulfur. – Oh yeah, yeah. – That would be lowering the pH, and nandinas… – Acid loving shrubs. – Are they acid loving? – They’re acid loving shrubs. – You can get to acid. Which–
– You can. – starts to burn the soles off the bottom
of your shoes, it’s too acid. – You can. – You can get to acid. – Right, ’cause I’m going back to the whole
leaf dropping… so yeah. You can get too much in there. But yeah, Miracle Gro with a little epsom
salt. Whoa. I think that might be a little bit too much,
because you’re right, Miracle Gro for the most part has a right middle number, which
is phosphorus, you know for blooms. But yeah, I think that might be too much. – Yeah. I guess, the question I would have, it says
“used Miracle Gro with a little epsom salts.” How long have you done that? Do you do that every year? How much, do you do it several times a year? And you may not need any phosphorus for ten
years on that spot. – Right, right. – If you’ve done that for a long time. I would certainly get the soil checked. – Get the soil test Miss Barbara, I would
definitely go that route as well. And follow it to a T, you should be just fine,
your nandina will be just fine. – Don’t guess, soil test.