“What is the best way to kill pigweed growing
in the garden?” This is from Richard via YouTube. That old pigweed and we know farmers – Yes, it is…. – are struggling trying to control pigweed. – And without a doubt, it has been the game
changer in production agriculture. – [Chris] How about that? – Because it is resistant to glyphosates. It’s also getting resistant to other, the PPO type herbicides. Its just a major, major problem and in the home garden, I would just tell you, I
just pull them up. That’s just what I do. I pull them up. That’s pretty much the answer to it and if you, you can put down Trifluralin, you know,
once you plant, you know, as a pre-emergence type herbicide. That’s about all I know to tell you because… – It is on the label for, you know, pre… – That’s right. It is on the label, so you know, that’s the
only way I can just tell you how to control it, but it
really, it is the number one problem facing agriculture today, it well
is amongst the tops. – [Chris] Right. – Along with the honey bee decline and… – Pigweed, deep down root system… – [Walter] Deep down. – So, don’t break it in the ground, you gotta
get all of it out. – I mean, very, very, very… – [Chris] And a lot of seeds. – Yes, and light seeds. They can blow anywhere and I mean the female plants produce gazillions of them. – [Chris] Yeah, I’ve heard. – It’s a big problem. – Over a couple of thousand seeds from one
female plant.